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Gamers Club Unlocked price changed after payment update

My preorder price changed after updating card info.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked price changed after payment update

Is your GCU expired?


If so, when you update payment info it resets the purchase to being as brand new.


If you GCU is still active I may suggest going into a store and talking direct to a CSA

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked price changed after payment update

Yes, it's expired.

I updated payment info on 2 game preorders today, first one the discount was still applied after update, the second one on the "Review Order Update" page showed the "Payment Balance" with the discount still applied, after checking on the Order Details page the discount was gone without notice.


After checking paypal, they show 3 pre-auths for the 2 preorders, 1st for game "a" with discount, 2nd for game "b" with discount & 3rd for game "b" discounts value.


It's a little deceptive to show a discounted price on the very last page to confirm payment changes, then change the price without notice and even pre-authing my card in 2 parts for this one transaction to make up the difference.


PS I know in the case of preorders that pre-auths are just temporary holds and expire.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked price changed after payment update

Hello, URAMetroid!


Thanks for reaching back out to us on our forum for support. I can imagine your surprise to see this change in price after updating your payment information on your order. As your GCU is no longer active, when the order accepted the new payment method and recalculated, it was not taken into consideration. I'd be glad to review your orders to confirm if this is what happened, and see what options we may have for you.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and the order numbers you've seen this issue with. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.



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