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Game Recommendations Needed

Hi, I need some recommendations on games... My son likes RPG and Platform games. (sorry if that is not the correct terms.. that is what he told me).. The systems that he uses right now are - PS4 and The Switch.. (also 3DS)


Thank you so much in advance for your help.. I really appreciate it.

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Re: Game Recommendations Needed

Absolute BEST recommendation is a Best Buy Gift Card and write that it is for games.  


Myself I love games but chances are the people around me would buy something I don't care for or something I already have.


How old is your son?  There are a lot of not appropiate games for younger people.  Take a look at the games he has and see if you can determine the games he is playing the most.


However, based on the fact you wrote he has a switch I would Suggest Super Smash Brothers. 


Right now it has a $10 reward to your Best Buy Points and it does not come out until December 7th.  So you know he does not have it.  


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Re: Game Recommendations Needed

Most definitely The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, look into it, it has great landscapes, challenging puzzles, it is also a classic and a great followup to the saga.