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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker [Collectors Edition] Invalid Digital Code!

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So I had bought two code, one for my buddy (standard edition) and one for me (collectors edition).
Standard Edition worked just fine! But, the Collectors Edition keeps giving me an "invalid code" error no matter what I do!
I was told to send another screen shot after calling your "Customer Support" on the Digital Download Department. Even though I had already said that I've used multiple web browsers to redeem said code. Nothing is working! I didn't spend $60 for just a string of numbers and letters.

It's getting a bit ridiculous. It feels like at this point your customer support for digital downloads is, "Keep telling them we're working on it until they give up". Jayson, (From Reference Id:{removed per forum guidelines}) at least sounded like he cared and did a fantastic job. But, this recent agent I talked to was so unenthusiastic to help that it sent a horrible message to me on how your customer support is.
Please just let me know if you can, or cannot fix this issue so I stop wasting my time on this!