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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe in NY all Cancelled?

Going through same issue past cpl days.. was told to wait till the release date to switch it to ship but today they are telling us it cant be changed. All that can be done is a refund which is bull they could've emailed or stated the issue before hand to give us the chance to switch before release. Now we are just screwed!
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Best Buy cancelled my pre-order

Well after weeks of manually postponing the pick up date for my collector's edition copy of Doom Eternal every 3 days, I finally forgot to postpone again and an automated system cancelled my preorder. I called Best Buy for the 10th time, didn't immediately get hung up on (which is a first), and after 30 minutes finally spoke with an employee just to be told there is nothing they can do. If your order is cancelled they won't even give you the time of day, they have nothing to say to you no matter if it is entirely Best Buy's fault that this has happened. I was told just try and buy it off the shelf when my Best Buy finally reopens beccause it is currently just sitting inside my closed Best Buy (you know, as long as an employee doesn't take it for themselves because they are reselling for $300 now). This post isn't me looking for help, it is just me wanting to say SOMEWHERE that Best Buy is by far the worst place to buy video games, somehow beating out Gamestop, and that I will never shop at Best Buy again as long as I live. Also it is a little off topic but employees there have straight up lied to me in an attempt to sell me electronics before. It worked once on a laptop and a camera but I smartened up when some guy tried to sell me a bad tv and a ton of accessories I didn't need. Thanks for nothing guys.

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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake Shipping Delay

I ordered June 10th with in-store pickup. My store still has a curbside pickup. The order shows it will be available to pick up today but when I called the store I was told they had a small amount shipped and cant fulfill the orders. Are these still shipping to the stores or are the orders going to be canceled? It's hard to believe ordering June 10th and being out of luck on this.