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Re: FFXV BB Exclusive Season Pass Codes Missing

Got my code today! Good to go. Thanks!
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Re: FFXV BB Exclusive Season Pass Codes Missing

I followed these directions and I get this response:


Hi tw3nz0r,


Thank you for contacting Best Buy.


I already checked your order and I don't see any digital code on your order. The season pass is a paid content that was not added to your order.


Enjoy your game!

Thank you for being a My Best Buy member!

Game on,
Glenn Edward
Gaming-BBY Team

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Gaming Final fantasy 15 best buy exclusive

I recently bought 2 copies of these bundles online with season pass. I gave one to a friend and one for myself. I haven't gotten a email or receipt with season pass dlc code for either game. I was wondering if a best buy worker can help me get codes for the season pass one for myself and one for my friend.
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missing code on receipt

I recently got the FF15 BestBuy exclusive edition and is missing the code for the Season Pass. I bought it online and picked up in store. The box says the code will be printed on the receipt, which I didn't get when I picked up the game. The online receipt doesn't have it either.