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Ellie Editions are available in store no pre order needed

For those of you who may have had your Ellie edition canceled or delayed they do have extras available in store.  Heres my story.  I pre ordered 2 copies.  1 for me and 1 for a friend.  One is out for delivery now the other for in store pickup.  Well my pickup still says preparing for pickup.  I went to the location and they are still waiting for mine to be delivered however they have Ellie editions sitting there that you can buy.  WEIRD.  They even showed me their inventory on screen reads zero with 1 in transit which they said was likely mine that had not arrived.  Looking on twitter a lot of people went in store for different editions and their pre orders had not arrived yet.  I already received the pre order bonus codes in my email so I just bought an Elli edition in store and canceled my pre order.  Now I did lose out on my GCU discount, but I had some rewards points saved I applied.  I didn't care I just really wanted an Ellie edition.  So if you really want one go check your local bestbuy.  While this is an unfortunate situation and the ball was dropped im just trying to offer a solution for those who really want an Ellie edition.  This is the first pre order issue ive had with bestbuy in 6 years of buying my games there.  However being this close to PS5 it does make you a little nervous.  Also those rewards points I had saved were supposed to go to my PS5 pre order Smiley Sad