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Digital Code: “Instructions Emailed” but not received

Placed an order for two digital codes this morning at around 0500. Checked status at around 0930. One code redemption email received. Both marked as sent on my account.

Chatted with 3 people who could not access email resending. Spent 40 mins to be directed to call. I will call later since I’m now late for a virtual engagement which these codes will go toward. Will update on that later.

Account marked order for both codes as sent. Only one received.

2 emails with 2 codes individually

Solutions attempted:
Checked account history, correctness of email address, and possible folders in email account, chatted with 3 live Customer Care Agents (Vanessa Shelby, Auriel N., and Spence)

If code was already dispensed, make available to see copy of sent email or code on my account order page!!! We assume that account access is granted to those permitted access, in most cases.
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Re: Digital Code: “Instructions Emailed” but not received

Furthermore, I am not bashing on the wait times (1 hour on my order page, 4 hours somewhere else, 24-48 hours here) because, in any case, my order was marked complete and email instructions were said to have been sent.

So, if hasn’t been sent and that the code has to go through some process that may take 48 hours to be verified, then tell account management, or the web dev, or whomever, not to set the account order page to say that the email was sent until after said process.
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Re: Digital Code: “Instructions Emailed” but not received

Calling 1-888-237-8289 is not the sure fire way to get a solution, but it is how I got mine.

After getting transferred twice in a span of an hour, Adrian helped me resolve the issue by reissuing a brand new digital code in a private secure link via email.

The problem?
The Best Buy system CANNOT accommodate 2 gift cards in one order as of December 2020.

Solution for the near future?
DO NOT ORDER MORE THAN ONE DIGITAL CODE AT A TIME. At least until they update their system. This is the suggestion directly by the agent who helped me. I made sure he clearly stated this.

If you add a gift card or digital code to your cart, you cannot add more than 1. BUT if you add different gift cards or digital codes, the system will let you check out but will only send you the first code. You’ve been warned.

In my case: $99 Nintendo eShop Code and $100 PSN Cash Card. Only the nintendo code was sent to my email.