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Digimon survive Xbox delayed then cancled

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So my game was delayed because they never changed the release date on their website from 6/30 to 7/29. I notify them of the issue and they said they will fix that so everything will be okay. A week later I did a chat with another representative and again informed them of the wrong release date and was told they will fix it and my order won't get cancled. This morning I wake up to an email saying my order was cancled. {removed per forum guidelines}.I mean geez Best Buy, can you not follow through with a simple release date fix? The bloody website for the game states 7/29, your workers in messenger and chat from your support agreed. So now I lose out on getting the game from you guys because you have the inability to take information and fix an issue,

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Re: Digimon survive Xbox delayed then cancled

Hello, H2kagain, 


Thanks for reaching on forums. As a gamer myself, I know the pain and frustration of losing out that pre-order that you been waiting on for months. All me the chance to see if anything can be done to resolve your issue. I'll just need you to provide in a private message, blue button, bottom right corner of my message, the following:


  • Full name
  • Email 
  • Phone number 
  • Order Number, if you have it. 

Thanks for your time, 





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