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Deethloop not delivered on release day,

My ordered isn't being delievered on release day as you advertized when I pre-ordered it.  I notice now you say games will be shipped on release day, but when I ordered it was suppose to be delivered on release day.  This is the 2nd time this year you have failed to deliver on release day.  This is false advertizing and I should file a complaint with the FTC or be compensated for the delay.  Also I had to change my email address and you sent my Pre-Order Bonus for Deathloop to my old address which I don't have now.  Can you send it to my current email address?

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Re: Deethloop not delivered on release day,

I also did not have my copy of deathloop delivered on release day and have received no updates on when it will be delivered. The order says by the 27th. Why would a preordered game be 2 weeks late.
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Re: Deethloop not delivered on release day,

Hi, I also did not receive my preorder copy for store pickup. I asked my girlfriend to pick the game up on her way home and the girl at Best Buy said “Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you but the games not here”. Then the girl at Best Buy said “The games not even out yet. It says it’s not out until 12/31/2021”… I was in zoom meetings all day doing employee evaluations and my girlfriend is texting me this and I’m just laughing. I told her “Classic Best Buy” where rarely anybody knows what they are talking about. I told her 12/31 has been a placeholder release date for video games for years and clearly the game is out since I could download it on the PS Store and have read/watched the reviews. The girl insisted to tell my girlfriend that she’s wrong and your boyfriend is wrong because my computer is saying the games not out yet. My girlfriend even showed her phone to thr girl at Best Buy showing her the game is out today. Oh well. I told her to just leave and that I’d deal with it later. Best Buy also thought it would be wise to ship the Deathloop Steelbook to me even though I chose to pick the game up in store. I’m sure at this rate I’ll get the steelbook long before the game. Still no update on my preorder… Either way, this stuff happens way to often with Best Buy. Sadly, Best Buy ain’t the best at anything anymore. I don’t even know why I go there anymore. Oh yeah that’s right, I preordered there for store pickup because I wanted to ensure I got my game on day 1 instead of having it shipped to my house and risk being delayed. Id rather not give my money to Bezos. I actually just shop at Best Buy to help keep them in business. I worked there in the early 2000’s out of high school and have fond memories of trips to Best Buy growing up. I feel like I want them to succeed more than they want to succeed. That’s not good. It’s like being in a bad relationship. Not sure how much longer I will go there. May give my money to Gamestop. They are the last of the Mohicans when it comes to brick and mortar video game stores that have new releases here in Phoenix,AZ.
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Re: Deethloop not delivered on release day,

Did some digging. Sounds like Bethesda dropped the ball again on a release. 

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Re: Deethloop not delivered on release day,

Ordered mine late Monday night and it came today. Sorry folks.

Maybe the hurricane and/or tropical storms are affecting shipments?
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Re: Deethloop not delivered on release day,

Hello all,


I appreciate you all taking the time to join our Community and sharing your experiences with us.  As someone who’s been looking forward to the release of Deathloop for some time now, I know how excited you all are to get it as soon as possible. 


We do our best with every pre-order to ensure it’s delivered, or available for pickup, as close to release as possible by shipping it out at a level of service needed for it to arrive at your door on the release day. While we hit our mark the vast majority of the time, there can be logistics or supply issues outside of our control that may delay your order’s delivery. Going forward, I recommend keeping an eye on your email inboxes for updates to your orders, and I’m optimistic you’ll be receiving your copies of the game soon.


tallmaleone, in regards to your bonus codes, I’ll be happy to see what we can do to get them to you, now that they were sent to an old email address.  I see you’ve sent me a private message with some of your information, and I’ll be replying momentarily to gather the rest of the information I’ll need to locate your order.  To read my message, you’ll need to be logged into your Support Forum account, and click on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 


See you up there,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Deethloop not delivered on release day,

I did a store pickup preorder and apparently my copy isn't going to be available until 9/21. Despite the store as of today having copies of the game available for pickup within 1 hour.


This seems to be happening with practically every preorder as of late with Best Buy, which is kind of frustrating. Like, what's the point of ordering games targeted for a specific date when more often than not that date will not be met?  Really night and day difference from where BB used to be years ago, which is a real shame. 

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Re: Deethloop not delivered on release day,

I just got received my copy in the mail two days late. Best Buy's online chat was awful at communicating at what was going on and even abruptly ended the chat on me.

And worst of all the game case was crushed when it arrived.
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Re: Deethloop not delivered on release day,

I still haven’t received any sort of update. I just logged into my Best Buy Account and it says the same thing “This item has been delayed. We're working to get it to you within the next few days.” I checked Best Buy’s website and there was a copy of Deathloop at two other Best Buy’s that are just a little bit further than the Best Buy I preordered at. How’s that make any sense? You’d think that the Best Buy I preordered from would contact one of those stores and say “Hi Team, we have a bit of a customer service issue. Could you please send us one of those copies of Deathloop you have sitting on your shelf, we have a few preorders that we weren’t able to fulfill and we want to try and make it right for the Customer”. But no, dead silence instead.. Again, classic Best Buy.
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Deathloop preorder fulfilled but sold in store.

I placed a preorder for the game to ensure I get my rewards points and preorder bonus, however, I got hit with the delay on release day. That I understand, tough times and whatnot. What I can’t stand is that they were selling the items in store a few days later. I even placed a second order to see if it was actually true and sure enough I have it ready for pickup on the new order while my preorder waits in limbo. It’s extremely frustrating that I have been waiting for it and now new in store orders are being prioritized before people who’ve preordered. Now I can go pick up my new copy but that means cancelling my preorder order and now losing the bonus $10 and preorder items, which were the whole reason to preorder.