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Cyberpunk steelbooks

I know Cyberpunk steelbooks is chosen at random exept I come to one of the Bestbuy to make selection but I can't go right now. I want all of them so what If I order 3?
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Re: Cyberpunk steelbooks

Well what happens if all three are the same?


If it is available at your local store I would wait for that. 


What could happen is you may not see which steel book you get until you open it.  Then you cannot return it. 


Interesting that a game that is only 6 months old is only $20

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Re: Cyberpunk steelbooks

Hey there, joeyhoang94,


Those Cyberpunk 2077 steelbooks are pretty cool looking, so I can totally appreciate wanting to get a complete set.  


As you mentioned, the steelbook that would be sent to you with a ship-to-home order would be chosed randomly, so there isn’t a way for us to send you a separate one with each order.  However, if the games were available for in-store pickup and the store still has an assortment of the steelbooks, it might be possible to ask them for different ones when you pick up your order.  That’s something that you’d need to discuss with the store when you pick up your order though.


I hope this helps, and thanks for posting!

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