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Cyberpunk X Box one X console

Just wondering if anyone else had the same issue. I received my console from BB only to notice that the clear stickers they use to seal the package, there’s 2 of them and the first one is sliced. This is on all 4 labels they use around the package. The first one is sliced open and the second one is thrown on top. This really kills any resale value when seeing this. I was planning on holding onto this thing and possibly selling it at a much later date as a collectors item. I was so upset to see the label cut that I needed to inspect the package co tents to see if everything was there or moved around. It may have been removed and replaced as some of the contents didn’t look quite right. It’s hard to tell. I think it’s pretty ridiculous tbh. I cannot understand why it was like that? You know if you remove the label attached to the console, you void the warranty...shouldn’t the same principle apply here?
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Re: Cyberpunk X Box one X console

I got one directly from Microsoft and it was the same way.  That's how they come from the factory apparently.