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Re: Cyberpunk was retruned back to shipper but no refund

Depending on your payment method it can take several days for a refund to show up.


In large part it seems dependent on the bank.


I use a Best Buy Credit card for everything thing I purhcase at BB.  The other day I returned something in store and before I got 10 feet from the register I got an update on my phone that my card had been refunded.


I know PayPal can sometimes take a long time.  Which is one reason I quit using them. 

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Cyberpunk Collector's Edition PS4

Hello, I pre-ordered this game on July 9, 2019. After waiting for a final release i was anxious to receive this game this past week. As I was waiting for it to ship i received a email notifying me that the steelbook had shipped and ended up receiving it the day before release. The actual Collector's Edition on the other hand "Shipped" on the 9th with the delivery estimate of Today, December 15th. But, there has literally been no update on the tracking. It's been stuck on "Initiated" since the 9th. The shipping late aspect is kind of frustrating but the fact that it hasn't updated is what is bothering me the most. I am just hoping it doesn't get cancelled as this was supposed to be a gift for someone.