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Cyberpunk 2077 LATE! after being on pre-order for over a year!

I had this game on order since 2019 and yet everyone else now has it but apparently mine is still 4 days away coming from CA. 


I wouldnt mind but I tried to cancel this order 8 times over the last week and a half and it would not cancel. 


Thanks for nothing BB - youll be getting this one back. 

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Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition - A Best Buy Nightmare

Hello @Bill-BBY and other Social Media Specialists,


Please strap in and be ready to read my nightmare experience picking up Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition at my local Best Buy. I know many others have most likely had issues with this release too, but I have not delved into all the different posts, just know I feel your pain. Let's get started:


1. I pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition for Xbox One on 06/09/19 for $199.99 ($219.99 with tax) because at the time I had Gamer's Club Unlocked to get it discounted. It also includes a bonus steelbook for pre-ordering. I choose store pickup because I know collector's editions somtimes have issues shipping. (Loved seeing posts with people get the Collector's Edition a week early from Best Buy shipping early /s). 


2. Sometime in November 2019 my credit card used for pre-ordering the game is compromised and canceled, so I call Best Buy to add another card to my order. That happens and I figure I'm set and I'll note I had to do this on many orders and all others were fine.


3. The release date is finally drawing near and I look at my pre-order. Much to my surprise they are trying to authorize the card that no longer exists. I call support 2 times and finally accept them telling me to wait and see what happens on release day because they can't do anything.


4. The debacle on Tueaday, December 8th happens which has been covered here by other posts, but they send an apology email and assure me that my game will be ready on 12/10/20 as intended.


5. 12/10/20 arrives and now my order says it will be ready for pick up on Friday and the steelbook is delayed. I call phone support and speak to several reps, but I end on a rep that tells me they assure me the game will be released and ready for pickup tonight (12/10/20) and if it's not they will give me 15% off if I have to pick it up tomorrow. I also Tweet about my issue to cover my bases with no response.


6. Friday (today) comes and the store opens at 11:00 AM, I try calling the store several times and wait for 30+ minutes each for them not to answer. I call phone support and now am upset. I ask them to call the store and they lied to me and told me that they were "chatting" with the store and even though my status says its not ready, the game is ready and to just go to the store (which closes in 2 hours). I'm skeptical, but decide to go to my local store to get my game based on their word. Shocker, the game is not ready and they refuse to give me the game because it's not been verified by credit card. The store rep was incredibly rude to me during this time. I ended up having to cancel my pre-order (from over a year) to buy a Collector's Edition that magically appeared in the back (mine that they wouldn't give me). I told them that it would be $219.99 and they did sell it to me for that (that's one thing to their credit), but charged me tax, so it was $241.99. I was made to look like a fool.


7. Cancelling my order forfeited my pre-order bonus steelbook, my $10 is rewards money, and my supposed extra 15% off my item promised by a rep. Also, the box is damaged and I'm an anxious wreck after having to be around so many people.


In closing, this was an absolutely nightmare, caused me incredible amounts of stress and none of your channels helped me. 


Oh and I saw this on Reddit today:



I consider Best Buy my player 2 from HELL. I can't believe I still support you after you always treat me like garbage, but hey you get it right most of the time and I like to support physical stores.


I hope to hear from someone from support soon because this is my last outlet. Calling does not work, talking in store does not work (and is dangerous to my healthy & safety), and your Twitter support can't be bothered.


Thank you for listening.

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Yet to receive my physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077, no tracking information available

A full day later than anticipated, I still have yet to receive my delivery of my copy of Cyberpunk 2077. To add salt on the wound, I received my physical steelbook pre-order bonus on Thursday for the launch window of the game — but no game itself. Almost laughably ironic that I received an empty case for a game but not the game I paid 60 dollars for.


I would love to at least track the whereabouts of my game, presuming I even get it delivered — but there is zero tracking information available outside of "Shipped on December 9th", which changed over from "Arrives Today" after Thursday came and went with no game delivery.

This is extremely frustrating as the service used by Best Buy was a company called "LSO", and based upon my findings of this courier that they are apparently abysmal based on numerous negative consumer reviews. I do not know why Best Buy could not have used UPS or some other more reliable service for their customers because had it arrived in the same box with my bonus steelbook, I'd have had the game already.


This is not the first time Best Buy has completely failed on the release date delivery front, Madden earlier this year had a similar problem for me. The incentive to pre-order was early access, but I never received it early and in fact, received it a few days late.


The pandemic is one thing to delay orders — but I didn't receive a delay for the empty steelbook bonus, so why is the game somehow getting delayed? This is extremely frustrating because I opted for physical when digital would have been the smartest option.


Both me and my friend had ordered the game through Best Buy but neither of us had gotten our copies yet, a full two days later than it should have taken to arrive. Both of us had the same shipping company (LSO) service to get the games into our hands and neither of us have detailed tracking information, all it states is that it shipped, no ability to track the whereabouts nor an estimated delivery date.


It seems senseless that I received my steelbook pre-order bonus early on release day, but two full days later there's no sight of the actual game the case is for so it's just an empty steelbook with nothing to show for it.


I'm not sure the best course of action to air my grievances with this lack of quality service, and I'm honestly starting to doubt the game will show up at all. I've never received such awful experiences with release-day delivery on video games than my time with Best Buy. I will not be pre-ordering new release games with Best Buy anymore thanks to these two recent experiences I've addressed in the post.

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Re: Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition - A Best Buy Nightmare

I wasn't even able to pick mine up. I went to pick it up yesterday on release day (12/10). They had it but said they couldn't release it. I saw it at the store. They said they were trying to force it through but had to wait. Waited almost 2 hours before leaving. Was told they would contact me when it was ready. Then I wake up today to see my order saying preparing for pickup today at a different location. So I went back to the location I had preordered the pickup for. Only to find out they no longer had it in stock. Spoke to the General Manager who said he's going to have to cancel the order. And said he would try and find one from another location and have it shipped to his store. He apologized for the issue. And offered me a free copy of the Standard Edition of the game. So now I'm stuck waiting and hoping that he's able to track another one day. Just a tad more information is that my order was already completely paid for because I had to pay using Paypal when I preordered because my Debit Card expired this month and BestBuy's website wouldn't accept it as a form of payment.


With all that said I had an issue years ago with The Witcher 3 Collector's Edition. Box being damaged. But wasn't able to get a replacement because they didn't have any. Apparently I was the only one to preorder it at that location. Also for The Witcher 3 they had a preorder offer of a free t-shirt. Yet when it came to release. Not a single person at BestBuy knew what I was referring to when I had asked about the t-shirt preorder offer.

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Re: Yet to receive my physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077, no tracking information available

*Sigh* Yet another one to add to the pile of numerous people feeling screwed over by BestBuy. I'm in the same boat. Received my steel book on the day of release as well, but no game itself. I've got no tracking info either as well. Mine was shipped days ago according to the website, but nothing, nada, no traces to be found. The only thing I do have to go on is a vague description that I MIGHT get my order by December 23rd. Utterly ridiculous considering I pre-ordered like a year ago only to be done this way. This seriously makes me never want to order anything from BestBuy ever again, and I probably won't because if they can't be reliable then what's the point? I've had problems with them before, but never quite like this. I know we have Covid and the Holidays to take into account, but just as you said why get the steel book on time but no game? Doesn't make any sense. BestBuy have lost a customer in me today, as well as many others I'm sure with the amount of complaints I'm seeing on here. It's unacceptable, smh...

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Re: Yet to receive my physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077, no tracking information available

I’m in the same situation, my steelbook shipped but my copy of cyberpunk just says delayed shipment and they are working on shipping it. No date listed. Definitely will not be shipping here anymore. I just want to cancel my order and they won’t let me.
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Re: Yet to receive my physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077, no tracking information available

I'll pile on to this list as well! To add insult to injury, I received my damaged promo Steelbook via FedEx on Thursday but I've seen no hide nor hair of the actual game that I paid for. The most recent update I've received was simply stating that it was delayed and Best Buy is waiting for OnTrac to provide a new delivery date, as if I somehow couldn't figure that out since I didn't receive it on the promised delivery date. I've consistently had a poor success rate with OnTrac and I honestly thought that the carrier company finally went under due to losing or failing to deliver almost every package they've been tasked with delivering to me, but lo' and behold they're still kicking around just to continue to flounder... So I'm not exactly going to hold my breath hoping for the game's arrival.

As you have both said, I don't know why my steelbook wasn't shipped with my game, especially with a more reliable carrier. I would like to somehow get a replacement steelbook for the damaged one and at this point if that were even possible I feel like it'd again arrive before my game does. I too understand the whole Holiday and COVID combo that's being dealt with, but this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.

To further top it off, I've had 3 other recent orders that have either arrived damaged or misdelivered/lost. And the icing on the cake for me with my most recent Best Buy purchase is that I ordered the Matrix 4K for curbside pickup only to wait all day for the notification that it's ready & not get it, and then find out when I called in that it somehow "accidentally" wasn't pulled for my order and the last copy was sold to another customer. It's unreal.

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Re: Yet to receive my physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077, no tracking information available

Thank you all for the replies and reporting your concerns. It's a shame that so many of us got screwed over by Best Buy and their lackluster shipping practices that cost us time with the game. just decided to purchase the game digitally last night and spent my night playing it. It was awesome, a lot of fun.


Then I came back to this thread and saw so many other experiences of people with shipment woes. I was surprised it's so widespread for a game so mainstream and easily available. Best Buy stores are swimming in inventory of the game and it's available everywhere except to our mailboxes.


It's a shame honestly, because I've always liked pre-ordering from Best Buy due to the incentive with the pre-order bonuses like steelbooks and the reward certificates, but this experience and the accounts of everyone else in this thread convinced me it's just not a smart idea to think you will receive a game day one from Best Buy anymore. It wasn't always this way, but it seems like that's the trend we are going in...

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Has anyone had any help regarding Cyberpunk 2077 orders cause I haven’t.

After pre-ordering, not getting on release date. My shipping info has not been updated since 12/10, my expected arrival date is 12/16 which is insane. The steelbook is expected to arrive 12/15, and was shipped after (really unacceptable). To add fire to the fuel, customer chat, phone chat is no help they all just have excuses. They not even offering a benefit for waiting or some incentive to make a customer happy.

I have contacted all Best Buy support, even on twitter (which is why I am on these forums) no help whatsoever. Terrible customer service. I will never pre order a game on Best Buy again. They give holidays and covid as an excuse, but you guys clearly got the package ready on 12/09, day before release. It should be on my doorstep on 12/10 not prepared last minute then blame other sources. So why should i Pre order online if theres no benefit but delays.

Has anyone been helped at all?
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Re: Yet to receive my physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077, no tracking information available

I'm in the same boat. A UPS label was generated two and a half days ago, but it hasn't actually been picked up yet.