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I’m so beyond upset with this store. I wake up early to get online when the animal crossing switch gets released to stores to get online and buy it. However, it says “unavailable”. So I go to the chat agent and they tell me to wait and check back later and I should be able to buy it because they need to check stock or something. I do that, when I come back it’s Sold out. I call and ask if my local store (that isn’t close at all) has any left. They have less than three but I can’t get it shipped. Why in the world, with the current health situation, would I leave my house. It is absolutely ridiculous that while everyone is saying to stay inside and away from people that I would have to go out to purchase this. Why was I not able to buy it online when it is still in stores. Now because of the time I waited to buy with Best Buy, it’s sold out everywhere. I try to buy a regular switch on the app with a gift card and it doesn’t work. I try every day to see if it will work, it never does. Now all switches are sold out. Today I look to buy a refurbished stitch lite, it is FIVE DOLLARS less that the new switch. Is that a joke? Why would the used one be only five dollars less than a brand new switch.