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Changing method of payment for a pre-order and question about when it is charged.

So I placed an order for the Animal Crossing Switch which comes out March 13th. The debit card on file for the order was compromised to I will be receiving a new card on March 6th. Is it possible to update my payment method when I receive my new card, and what would happen if my order is processed to ship and the old card is still on file? Would best Buy just flat out cancel my order? Or do they contact you so you can update your payment information? How many days before release is the payment processed so I can ensure I get my order? If it goes to process and I haven't received my new card yet, I could always use a family members card or get a temporary card, I just have no idea when they payment is processed and would rather just update my payment method with my new card once I receive it.


Any information is greatly appreciated, I am VERY worried about losing my order. Thanks



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Re: Changing method of payment for a pre-order and question about when it is charged.

Chances are good you may lose your pre-order.   


You can just pre-order a new copy and cancel the existing one.  They are still availalbe for pre-order. 


You may try changing the method to in store pick up. I don't know if they will try to charge you until you pick it up so it is a gamble.


But there seem to more available 

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Re: Changing method of payment for a pre-order and question about when it is charged.

Hi there, Deezle, 


Welcome to the forum! There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the Animal Crossing: New Horizons release, so I can imagine how excited you are for this coming up. Whether your card used for payment expires or is compromised, a new one being issued can cause some concerns. I would be happy to provide some additional information to let you know what options you have. 


Generally, pre-orders will start processing closer to release, so while I wouldn't advise you to wait once you receive your new card, you should have the opportunity to update your payment method based on its arrival date of March 6. To do so, once you receive your card, simply contact our phone support at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289. Should your existing pre-order begin to process before you've updated the payment method, you should be given the opportunity to update it at that time. This is usually a short window before the order attempts to charge the same card on file, and if it fails again, the order would be cancelled. Should you like to instead place a new pre-order or use a family or friend's card if your card hasn't arrived but the release date is approaching, you also have those options available as well. 


Please also keep in mind that if you update your payment method early, you would experience the authorization process again, to ensure the funds are available. For more information on that, please feel welcome to review the "Paying for Your Order" section of our Terms and Conditions


Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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