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Buying Digital Game Codes suggestions

There seems to be a number of issues with people getting codes for digital game purchases.

It is my understanding that codes for digital games are under a lot of scrutiny and require extra security.

The following are just my suggestions that may help streamline the process.

On Saturday evening I purchased a digital game at 4:35 pm (CST)

In less than a minute I received confirmation of the order shortly followed by another message letting me know my credit card had been charged.

11 minutes later I received an email with my code.

These are my suggestions to help ensure a smooth transaction

    1. Have a My Best Buy Rewards account with an email address that you are getting message from Best Buy on.
    2. Sign up for Cell Phone Text Alerts for transactions. I do not get any text SPAM from BB.
    3. Always purchase your games using that account.
    4. Always purchase from your home computer and network using the same browser and log in. Does not seem like a big deal, but when you log in and purchase from multiple networks or phones it may look suspicious.
    5. Get a Best Buy Credit card. I mentioned extra security. This is a big step as you are already vetted.

I am not an employee of Best Buy and my opinions are my own

I am not an employee of Best Buy and all opinions left on this forum are my own. Please leave Kudo’s if you like a post or click Accept as Solution if a post answers your query.