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Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Digital Download Misery

Pre-ordered the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition but the download code that I received was for the Standard Edition. I pre-ordered the game back in July and discovered the problem when I went to pre-download the game last week to be ready for the November 15 release only to discover that the version that appeared in my PS4 library was the Standard version. 


Called customer support and they sent me a new code that was still for the Standard version. Contacted support again and they forwarded an email saying to wait until the 15th, which I did and the version in my library is still the Standard one. 


Called again and was told they would quickly follow up but did not.  Called again late today and still no help other than they have to consult a code master. 


I thought I would do the digital download version to save a trip to the closest Best Buy store as it is a bit of a drive.  This has proved to have been a bad decision especially since the customer service support has been weak at best.  The agents sound like they are in an overseas call center and while friendly, they are running off of a script and are unable to do anything other than to take information and say the issue will be looked into. 


I paid the extra money to play this game earlier than the general release and it is looking like I will not be able to so now how to figure out how to get the extra money back I paid for the Deluxe and hope that the Standard edition digital code works on general release day or maybe they can make a miracle happen and fix their digital download code problems and enable me to have a couple of early days to play. 


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Re: Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Digital Download Misery

Solved finally.  It took multiple phone calls to Best Buy Support, be sure to keep a record of your case reference numbers which was helpful for me as they had a paper trail in their system. I noticed my missing digital download problem on the 8th of November and called at that time and each time they said they were working on it but nothing seemed to happen but I kept at them calling every few days and finally tonight on my second call of the evening, they said they would reach out to me in two hours, I gave them three and no return communication, so I called them again and this time the agent immediately connected me to their digital code master who had kept hearing about my calls and went over my purchase with me from my receipt PIN and was finally able to realize what the problem was and sent me out a code for the game that worked. 


I’m glad it is resolved yet unhappy that it took me hounding them and for their agents to have me speak to someone in charge, meaning either their telling me my case was being forwarded to the next level but it actually wasn’t or most likely they were unable to grasp what the problem was and were unable to communicate it properly as it is an overseas help center and there were English as second language comprehension problems on their part. 


The agents were polite as was I albeit expressing frustration in the end but finally glad this has been resolved even though I was unable to play on the 15th as I had paid to do so. In the future I’ll avoid Best Buy’s digital only purchases.