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Approved for a price match yesterday, specialist never connected and now I'm told it's not eligible

I've had nothing but good experiences with Best Buy and the support over many years but this has shattered that. As of right now if I don't receieve the proper solution I'm closing my best buy account and best buy credit card. The 1 thing best buy had over Amazon was price matching but not anymore. This is ridiculous. Yesterday on 10/18 I contacted support for a price match on a keyboard and it was approved. The agent instructed me to place the order, give them the order ID and they would transfer me to a specialist where I would then be refunded. I had the chat open on my second monitor for over 2 hours and the specialist never connected.    
Today I tried to talk to another agent and since now the product I wanted to price match is out of stock on the competitor's site, they say they can't do anything. It was in stock yesterday when I was approved. I chose to shop at best buy over the competitor and it completely backfired on me. I asked for the agent to check the last chat to verify I was approved but they said they weren't able to check past chat logs. I do not accept this as an answer. Best Buy made $47 billion in revenue last year. Amazon is able to look through past chat logs, so best buy has the ability. If best buy is unable to, they're doing it wrong. That's on this company, not me. I shouldn't be punished over this. Reaching out on the forum as the last ditch effort. Considering the awful customer service I've received over this, I don't have any hope of it being resolved. Goodbye best buy

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Re: Approved for a price match yesterday, specialist never connected and now I'm told it's not eligi

I had the same problem once and it was over $20 on a $300 sale. Also the box was all smashed up, it looked like someone played soccer with it then used it to bowl so I thought I should have gotten a discount anyways since it was a special edition video game with this statue or something and my daughter wanted it so bad.

I ended up standing there with my tablet and I had setup a purchase of the same item but in pristine quality on eBay, still unopened and only $70+$30 shipping. So I had the guy look as I hit buy then I went to the manager and thanked him for saving me so much money and he asked what I meant and I told him about the price match with Amazon that had been in stock when the guy went out back grabbed the destroyed item but 20 min or so had passed until he came back and he oddly searched Amazon again and it was suddenly out of stock... But when I searched on my tablet it was still there in stock for $20 less but I'm happy I didn't buy it from Amazon either so it turned out even better for me. Sometimes the strangest things happen and they just confuse you because it's completely illogical. Oh the manager wasn't very happy with the employee because I could hear him as I was leaving. Apparently they had been sitting on that beat up box for a year but for whatever reason couldn't or wouldn't mark it down... I'm still shopping at BB though. Most people seem to be helpful. Except for the magnolia guy who kept telling me I had to spend 9 grand on a receiver to get HDMI 2.1 and I was like no I don't there's one on for $2000 (which I now own) and he insisted it wouldn't work but it does 4k120 HDR VRR just fine. He kept talking about amplifiers too but my 11.2 setup has preamps on the larger speakers and the receiver is 900watts which was plenty for the speakers it was setup to amplify.

I have tons of odd bb stories because I've been going forever and sometimes you catch someone on a bad day.
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Re: Approved for a price match yesterday, specialist never connected and now I'm told it's not eligi

Hi, d0x360, 


Welcome to our online community. We appreciate you being a loyal Best Buy customer. Thanks for sharing your experiences with our customers, feedback and real-life customers stories are important to us. We use customer's commentaries to evaluate our systems, methods of operation, and training, all in efforts to improve our customers' experiences. You are spot on, sometimes we have strange or unexpected encounters that lead to positive outcomes. I hate to hear that you had an issue with a price match, I recognize that policies can be confusing at times, I am providing a link to our Price Match Guarantee, so that you can be well versed in our policy which will enable you to maximize its use. 


Please let me know if there is something that I can assist you with today. Send a Private Message including your full name, email address, and phone number. You can use the blue button to the right of my signature below to send a Private Message. We are here to help. 






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