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Order Still "Ready for UPS"

I preordered the physical copy for Animal Crossing bundle with the bell bag. I have already received the bell bag, on time, but the game has been stuck at "Ready for UPS", even though it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Both the bell bag and game were shown as "shipped" on the same day, Thursday. If someone could help explain where the game currently is, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Doom Eternal PS4 ce still shipping delay

Three different support reps assured me the ce I pre ordered in early October would arrive on release day. I took release day off of work, for nothing. Ever since I was charged for it on the 18th, I've been told every day that "it was ready to ship and I'd receive an email before the end of the day." Yet still it hasn't shipped. I've been promised a discount for the inconvenience, which was never applied. I've been promised the missing pre order bonus code, which was still never sent. I'm out over $200 and have nothing to show for it but the empty steelbook they did send. When I do manage to get a support agent, they either give me the run-around or outright lie to me. I want the game I paid $200 for, and I want everything that was supposed to come with it. Someone needs to work with me to make this right.
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Re: Order Still "Ready for UPS"

Having the same issue with my Doom eternals! What is going on? It's at label created, ready for UPS since 18 march. Urgh and no one is helping. ):
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Re: Animal Crossing order hasn't shipped

I ended up getting it Friday.
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Animal Crossing Delay

I have had the worst experience ever pre-ordering a game with Best Buy. I know a lot of this factors into the pandemic that's going on right now, but this goes beyond that. To start off the store I ordered the game to be picked up at was closed on release date, which I expected so I switched the order to be delivered to me, with it saying it was still guaranteed to arrive on release day. It is now 3 days later and the product still says delayed. Under the current world circumstances I get why this is the case, but what angers me is that I'm not even able to cancel the order so I can purchase it digitally. Apparently my order is still "in progress" whatever that means. It hasn't even shipped yet so I really don't see the issue. For some reason, though, I am able to go in and change the shipping speed to either arrive Tuesday for $9.99 or Thursday for free, but selecting anything again says I cannot change an in progress order. Does this mean my product will get here Thursday? I assume not because when I checked yesterday the option said Wednesday. However, when I add a new order of Animal Crossing to my cart and check shipping I am able to get it by Monday night- will this also just get stuck on delayed or will it actually ship? The order I have says if it is not shipped by April 19th it will be cancelled, but that is 4 weeks away and frankly ridiculous. To make matters worse when I had switched the order from in-store pickup to shipping my bank account was charged twice and I had to spend 3 hours on the phone trying to get it sorted out. At this point I just want my order cancelled so I don't have to deal with Best Buy anymore but I can't even do that. There's no option to cancel, and contacting support has done nothing. My bank account was already charged for the purchase but it hasn't even been shipped yet and I have received no updates or communication on whether or not it will even be shipped at all. Just let me cancel my order so I can purchase it somewhere else, I don't care anymore.
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Re: Animal Crossing Delay

I was supposed to get it Friday, but UPS lost the shipment.  BB credited my purchase, but refused to give me a $10 credit. 


The rep I was chatting with said there is no ETA on the next shipment.  I'm really sorry, man.  There are a lot of companies doing everything they can to help ease the frustration of these difficult days, but Best Buy does not seem to be one of them.