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Amiibo availability


I’m wondering about the availability of certain Amiibo, right now particularly, I’m curious about Revali and Mipha, the The Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild brand guardian Amiibo. I was looking the other day and they were still readily available on the site now they seem to be out of stock. I was wondering if they will be back in stock or if there is any available in store that someone could help me find.

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Re: Amiibo availability

I really love the idea of the NFC Touchpoint game accessories. We had one of the first generation systems for our Wii.


The Amiibo figures really add an extra level to the experience.  


Unfortunately however, the moderators here will not be able to speculate on the product availability of the figures.


I would suggest making a book mark and check back in every so often. 

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