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A question about Pre-Ordering a game online

Hello, I have a quick question about a game I Pre-Ordered. I Pre-ordered The Last Of us 2 Special Edition about a month ago and it did the thing where it puts a hold on my card as a pre authorization, yadda yadda yadda. This I understand. So the game comes out tomorrow (I assume that means its supposed to ship today or very early in the morning?) and last night I has re-inserted my card information again because im a worry-wart and that I hadnt gotten any information yet about the game shipping so close to release. I thought maybe the issue was on my end. So when I re insert my card information, it did the hold again, and the money was deducted from my account. My question is this, I know that they usually do not keep the money until the actual item ships. But since the money is on hold so close to the shipping date (again, only a day away) does this mean they will keep my money thats already on hold, or will it charge my card again for the amount, giving me whats on hold later when the time runs out. Im sure this is a silly question, im just trying to see if im technically getting double the money gone for one purchace. Thanks for any help!

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Re: A question about Pre-Ordering a game online

lots of people are having issues with shipping they are being delayed. I switched to store pickup and glad i did because i got it yesterday. Seems shipping is being delayed just like regular mail is also delayed.