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What will it take to bring Gamer's Club Unlocked back?

Since Amazon canceled their pre-order discount service, this is the time for BestBuy to re-offer the program and take back everyone who was not only a previous club member but the rest of the videogame buying market. Shopping at GameStop makes me feel like I am buying knockoff drugs in an alley and being judged by all the other people who are there doing the same thing. However, as much shame as it brings me to buy games elsewhere, I do it, because there is no reason to buy from BestBuy.


Just tell me why it was canceled. Does market research show that longer-term BestBuy loses money in the long run? Does it reflect that physical media is dying, and digital downloads dominate the market?


Because as of right now, BestBuy has driven customers like me into the arms of monsters (GameStop).


Who do I need to talk to? Who do I need to petition? Who do I need to harass (nonviolently and without verbal abuse)? Do I need to write a physical letter, buy stamps and mail it to the CEO personally and include signatures of 50K+ people?


Charge more for it and alter the benefits? Charge less for it and alter the benefits? There has to be a compromise that can be met.