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Valid Pricematch Removed $10 NBA 2K20 Preorder Certificate


The (he was very nice) customer service rep incorrectly did my valid price adjustment and it returned the 500 points I received previously earned on my account. It appears it was processed as a return and not a price adjustment.

Can you please fix this for me? Thank you.

For reference:

NBA 2K20 was preordered and bought on 9/6, 500 points received, Best Buy dropped price during my return period (elite plus), price adjustment was done yesterday 10/21, and the original 500 points were removed from my account.
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Re: Valid Pricematch Removed $10 NBA 2K20 Preorder Certificate

Well technically thats exactly what a  price match is. If you look at your receipt it is a return and and a resell of the products.  The $10 reward is also based on the full price purchase price. 


I would agree that Best Buy needs to better outline that in the $10 Reward program.


It does say with the program that it does apply to Qualifying Purchases.  A lower price make it a not qualified game.

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Re: Valid Pricematch Removed $10 NBA 2K20 Preorder Certificate

That is untrue and hasn’t been the case for many years.

Post price matching with Best Buy has never had an impact on the $10 preorder certificates and hasnt had an impact for many years of this program.
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Re: Valid Pricematch Removed $10 NBA 2K20 Preorder Certificate

Hello, thelwig14,


It’s awesome when you get an opportunity to do a price match, and save yourself some money, but it would certainly be disconcerting to see a bonus like your Get $10 reward be removed because of it.


Generally, under our Price Match Guarantee, if you received any sort of bonus, you would have the choice of either the bonus or the price match, but not both.  However, our Get $10 program does not follow that policy, and as such, you shouldn’t have lost those 500 points for doing a price match.


I see you've sent us a private message with some information, however, to look further into this, we’d need another private message with your full name, email address, and phone number.  As soon as we get that, we’ll dive in!



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