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Save 25% on the Game of Your choice coupon link not working

As several others on here have had a similar issue wanted to post the same concern as the coupon to save 25% on the game of my choice when gamers club unlocked expired has a link in the email that has no longer works as it should.  My coupon should be good until 2/2/2019, but I am unable to access.  Can anything be done to help with this issue so I can get the coupon to use?


Thanks in advance

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Re: GCU Save 25% Off Game Of Your Choice Coupon shows already used incorrectly

I have a similar complaint regarding this coupon.. i received my email earlier this summer, and the email notes it won't expire until Feb. However, the link to the coupon is expired. I can't pull it up.


Just spent 30+mins on the phone, transferred 4 times, and nobody has any idea how to help me.


How can i obtain a valid link for the coupon that was emailed to me?

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Re: Save 25% on the Game of Your choice coupon link not working

I have the exact same issue.  I was going to use the coupon this Friday, and I went to print it, and NOTHING!  It's a little frustrating.  I patiently awaited the right moment, and now the link is broken.

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Re: Save 25% on the Game of Your choice coupon link not working

Same issue on my end. I saved the email as the email noted it was good until mid Feb 2019, not realizing that the coupon would for some reason go away well before then.

Very frustrating as I intentionally saved the coupon because i knew i had months before it expired.
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Unable to claim 25% off GCU certificate

I received an email on 7/25/18 with a link to a 25% off any game certificate as a gift for GCU ending. The fine print says the offer is valid 7/29/18 to 2/2/19 and makes no other mention of dates. I have been saving it until something came along I wanted to use it on and when I tried the link last night it says the link has expired. I see other people having the same issue and know the certificate itself cannot be reissued but can something else be done?

Thank you
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25% off coupon not working

It says my code has already been used. My membership ends within the week, so I wanted to stack my discount with this to pick up Smash Bros before it's too late.
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Re: Save 25% on the Game of Your choice coupon link not working

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Hey Everyone –


Welcome to the forums and thanks for being Gamers Club Unlocked members. With the end of GCU memberships approaching, we decided to extend a final offer to some people in the form of this coupon. I’m sorry to hear those of you who posted were not able to redeem your coupon and will be happy to advise you here.


The expiration date listed on your coupons is correct, and once the coupon was activated onto your account using the link included in the email, it should have been valid until the listed date. That said, the link in your emails expired sooner, and if the coupon is not been activated before expiration, the coupon is no longer available.


We don’t have the ability to send new links or activate the coupon onto people’s accounts, however, we would like to look into this further. If you received a coupon email and did not activate your offer before the link expired, please send a private message to any of our specialists (names ending in -BBY) verifying the information listed below. 


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GCU Unlocked Coupon

I received a coupon code on July 31, 2018 stating that because my Gamer's Club Unlocked membership was ending in a few months they were giving me one last gaming coupon code to use. The email states in the fine print at the bottom of the email that the code is valid from 7/29/18 thru 2/2/19. So the coupon code is good thru February 2nd of next year in 2019, The problem is that when I click on the "Get Coupon" link in the email I get the following message:

"This link has expired. Please contact the sender of the email for more information."

I realize I got the email 2 months ago but there was nothing I wanted at the time and it's suppose to be valid for another 4 months. So my question is: how do I get an email with a valid link? And no I have not used this code and canceled the order. I never used it period, I was just waiting for a time when I would need it for something I wanted. I also stll have the email in case customer service wants me to forward it to them.
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My Gamers' Club 25% off coupon link isn't working.

I get a message that the link has expired (after clicking through from the email), but I believe the discount should be valid until early next month.  Looks like a lot of other people are having the same issue.

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25% off game coupon from Gamers Club link expired

I got an email back in November when my Gamers Club expired for a 25% off coupon but the link no longer works. I know the coupon mentioned that the expiration date was for February 2019 and I was planning on using it soon. Is there anyway we can get another coupon sent to us?