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Re: Missing $10 Bonus after spending $100 with My Best Buy Visa outside of Best Buy

Hi , I preordered Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield and I received the $10 bonus for Shield but not for Sword
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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

I didn’t get my $10 for Pokémon Sword. I did receive $10 for Pokémon Shield.
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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

Same Jay, got for Shield but not on sword. I had it backwards previously.
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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

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Hey folks, 


Vince has already answered this.  While it's great you already saw some points for one of the games, the normal processing period for the Get $10 bonus is 15-20 days.  


If after the 20 days have passed, you still have not received your bonus points, we’ll be happy to look into it for you.  We understand that with any promotion, there’s always potentially someone who might get missed, which is why we are here.  We’ll need you to send any moderator (we have -BBY after our names) a private message with the following:


  1. Your full name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your order number for your pre-order or your Customer Service PIN from your store receipt from when you picked it up.


With this information, we’ll be able to verify if you qualified, and if needed, provide the points for the promotion.

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Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield preorder $10 rewards?

Yep, same issue. Pokemon Shield's 500 points (559 total) were received, but Pokemon Sword is just sitting there with the base 59 points.

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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

Sounds like an issue with sword reward that we will have to wait out.
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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

Only received one as well, it seems like something that will be fixed in time.

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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

I'm in the same boat. I bought Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield in two separate orders. I received points for Pokemon Shield, but I didn't receive anything for Pokemon Sword. I'll keep an eye on this post and my account over the next few weeks to see if anything changes.
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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

Yup same here. Bought a copy of sword for me and shield for my wife and only have one of the certificates pending. I think we are all going to need some overrides soon. 

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Re: My Best Buy Get $10 Offer

I also only got rewards for one of them almost immediately (which is awesome! usually have to wait weeks) so hopefullly the other one will show up soon.