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Preorder Cancelled, Lost 20% Off

Hello support,


I recieved a shipment delay email a few weeks ago telling me my order for a game I had preorderd would be canceled if it couldn't be shipped out by yesterday at the latest. A few days after getting that email, the official release date for the game was announced to be the 25th, meaning it was impossible for it to ship out before the order would be cancelled.


I have contacted support twice over this issue, once being on this customer service forum last week. I was told both times that my order was shown to be on track for being shipped out next week and I didn't need to worry about it being cancelled.


The order was cancelled this morning, so support either gave me incorrect information, or didn't look into my issue very long. Because I no longer have the GCU subscription I did when I originally preordered the game, rebuying it will cost me $12.72 more than I originally payed. Is there any way I can reorder this game and have that amount refunded back to me, or given a way to get that 20% off back? Normally I would just eat the extra cost, but in this case I've gone out of my way multiple times to make sure this problem wouldn't happen in the first place.

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Re: Preorder Cancelled, Lost 20% Off



Welcome back to the Best Buy Community forums. I'm sorry to hear that order was cancelled. Gaming release date changes shouldn't cause cancellations.


Gamers Club Unlocked discounts cannot be extended to new orders after the membership is cancelled. That said, I'd be happy to double-check to make sure that's the case here. Please send along a private message through the link in my signature below this post. I'll need your name, email address, and phone number, along with the order number to get started.



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