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Preorder $10 Taken Away

I preordered Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and picked up the game. The customer service rep forgot to give me the prints and I wasn’t aware that it came as a preorder bonus until I got an email that said the prints were canceled for not picking it up. She thought I placed 2 orders for the game and I told her I only placed the order for 1. So after I got the email, I went back to the store to get the prints but the guy there couldn’t find it so he said I could wait until he finds it and give me a call or I can get $20 back. Well, something like this happened before where the employee took my number and said she’ll call me when they find my preorder. It never happened so I’m not going to wait for a call that’s never going to happen. So I said I’ll take the $20 which is what the prints were selling for. 


I just looked up my reward points to see how close I am to $3500 to retain my Elite Plus membership. I noticed that 550 points were deducted from my rewards history. I want my points or $10 back because it’s not my fault that the employee cancelled my order because he didn’t know how to refund my money. 

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Re: Preorder $10 Taken Away

You got $20 instead of $10.


Thats a pretty sweet deal. 

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Re: Preorder $10 Taken Away

Not really. I’m supposed to get $30 total in points and preorder bonus for preordering the game.

I got $20 for not getting the prints. You get this for preordering the game. The rep didn’t give me this so another rep said he’ll give me $20 for the value of the print.

I’m supposed to get $10 for preorderingvthe game but the second rep rang up the game as a return and then charged me $20 less to compensate for the print.
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Re: Preorder $10 Taken Away

Hi BuckarooKangaro –


I’m sorry to hear you unexpectedly lost your Get $10 reward, and will be happy to look into this for you.


Please send me a private message verifying the following details. You can message me by selecting the blue button in my signature.


  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Order Number or Customer Service Pin


Hope to hear from you soon,

Michael M|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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