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Haven't received $10 preorder certificate


I preordered Luigi's Mansion. I ordered it on 10/20 and the game came out on 10/30. 

I never received the $10 dollar bonus. Usually I receive it as bonus points but never received it for my order.

Total points

for this transaction
My Best Buy Visa Purchase Bonus95
Base Points23
My Best Buy Gamers Club Bonus23
Can you find out what happened?
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Re: Haven't received $10 preorder certificate

Same thing happening to me -- I've got the regular "paid" points in my account but not seeing the $10 reward show up. First time this has happened, normally they show up in the same batch. 

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Re: Missing $10 rewards

Same issue here - received my regular points for LM3 but not my $10 pre-order bonus.

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Re: Missing $10 rewards

Still no pending points....

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Re: Missing $10 rewards

13 days in missing points haven’t shown yet, 7 more days til you can tell us what to do next
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Re: Missing $10 rewards

Count me in on this too.  Points are nowhere to be found.  Hoping you're right and they magically appear in the next few days.

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Re: Missing $10 rewards

I do not have my $10 reward for LM3 either.

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Re: 500 points for Luigi Mansion 3?

Thanks I bought the game last week and it only says I have 27 pending points. I just want to make sure I get those bonus 500 points the email said I would get.
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Re: Missing $10 rewards

Count me in as someone who didnt get their $10 extra rewards points for Luigi Mansion preorder.
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Re: Missing $10 rewards

I do not have my $10 reward either. I called and they said there was no such promotion. Best Buy is really dropping the ball with customer service regarding this issue. Please advise on if this issue is at least being worked on.