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In-Store Price Match Denied - Question

Hi, I bought Battlefield V on release and used my Gamer's Club Unlocked benefits along with a $10 coupon I received for trading in a games to lower the price of the game from $60 to roughly $39 out of pocket. Today I noticed that Best Buy has the game for $30 or $24 with GCU. I went in to price match and get roughly $15 back. When I went to customer service to price match and handed them my receipt. She took and started to process the return, she then asked if I had used a trade up offer on the game. I said yes and then she said she couldn't do a price match since it was an either or situation with the trade up offer and price matching. I'm not sure if she thought I wanted to get $10 off on top of receiving the price match, that wasn't the case but I was in a rush, so just left it at that. I just wanted to lower my out of pocket price from $39 to $24, which would ignore any trade in offer.


I was wondering if that was a company policy to deny any price matches if you used that coupon or if I still should be able to go back and get a price match?