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In Need Of A New GCU

(TL;DR: GCU keeps me going to BestBuy when there are more than plenty of other places to buy the same stuff such as televisions and computers.)

I have to say I'm still really sad that the GCU has been discontinued. Thankfully I renewed near the end so I have a little time. BestBuy you have to bring something similar back! Rework it a little and let us have discounts again. A while back I finally joined the club and loved the bit of money I saved, making the games an actually reasonable price ($60 a pop, especially with all the DLC and microtransactions, is a little frustrating).

Because of the club I found myself visiting my BestBuy way more often. Directly because of that increase in visitation I would stumble across more things I was looking for or some neat new electronic that I would impulse buy. I had only been above regular membership a couple times when buying an occasional larger item, but because of this membership I've been a solid Elite Plus ever since getting it a few years back. I exclusively buy all of my games at BestBuy first, only straying in case it's not in the company (I hate digital games so it's useless for me to get money cards for consoles if the physical version doesn't exist).

I know 90% of my non-gaming purchases wouldn't exist without me having that membership and visiting so often. Especially when I'm surrounded with GameStops and Targets much closer. Not to mention the convenience of Amazon. I've gotten other friends in on GCU by showing it off to them, and these are people who never would never bother with BestBuy otherwise. I also always get the longest warrantees for my electronics.

Please, I hope you guys are working on something new. This membership has been fantastic and helped me grow my game collection. Also if you would like to contact me please do! I would love to hear from you all at BestBuy!

Thank you, everyone bothering to read this, for your time.
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Re: In Need Of A New GCU

I Feel Like this is happening to everyone. I personally will not be continuing business with best buy once my GCU ends...It was the only reason I started buying things there again. They literally do nothing to stand out against Amazon or other retailers so...Amazon will now be getting my business.