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Gamer's Club Unlocked not activating at checkout

I have been hearing good things about Gamer's Club Unlocked, so I purchased it a few days ago. It shows under my rewards, but when I go to checkout with any new game it does not add the discount. Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Gamer's Club Unlocked

I'm wondering the same thing. My account tells me that my new gamers unlocked expires in 2019 but I don't see any of the offers showing up that were promised. None of the games I add to cart include my discount when checking out. The discount only shows if I also add a new gamers unlocked subscription to my cart. If I would've known this, I would have just purchased my membership online instead of in store. Frustrating experience so far
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Gamer's Club Unlocked - Not Activating

I recently purchased the 2-yr Gamer's Club Unlocked when pre-ordering a new title online.  While the discount worked for that title that was purchased together, it is not working for subsequent purchases.


My order says that GCU is complete, but I have not received any activation email and discounts are not being applied.


This was purchased onine, when prompted after adding a title into my cart.  Order is in my account history and My Best Buy information seems to be correct in my account.


What's the best way to make sure GCU is active for my account?  I'd like to make some additional preorders, but not until my GCU is fully active.



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Gamers Club Unlocked Discounted Price Not Showing Up When Adding To Cart

I recently purchased GCU and believe it has been activated (i.e. received the GCU welcome email, see that GCU is active under my rewards, when looking at games online, I see the GCU discounted pricing).


However, when trying to pre order a few games such as NBA Live 18 and NBA 2k18 for the Ps4, once added to the cart, the original retail price is shown as oppose to the GCT discounted price. Any help? Thank you.


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gamers club unlocked

I am starting to become concerned about the activation of my newly unlocked account. Nothing is showing up in the rewards column, and in all honesty, I am very confused all together, even after reading other forums. I really would like to be sure that the money I spent is truly going to give me the benefits of the unlocked club. Is there any way that you could look at my account and solve this?


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked Discounted Price Not Showing Up When Adding To Cart

Issue seems to have resolved itself. Thanks.
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gamers club activated, showing in account but no discounts applying in cart

getting super frustrated.... I see this is a common issue going back months; a fix would be ideal.


Hoping someone can look into our account since there is no number to contact to initiate this on our own.


our welcome email came, we show the right dates and received coupons yet no discounts will apply to our cart and we are continually prompted to purchase the membership... which we already paid for.



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Best Buy GCU not showing up in account

I purchased a GCU membership on August 24th, 2017 and now when I try to add Destiny 2 to my cart I’m still given the full $60 price tag and not the 20% off discount. I’ve tried relogging into my account and searching for a way to add the discount but I’ve had no luck. Any sort of help is appreciated 

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Gamer Club not being applied trying to pre order

I am trying to pre order games online and my gamer club is not being applied. It says the correct price when i add it to my cart, but then when i go into the cart and try to checkout it charges me full price. 


I would also like to say that for a $30 paid service I'm dissapointed in the product and support here. There is no online support and i have to make a new account and post on a message board just to get your product to work on your website.


My card has been active for around 2 months so that is not the issue. I have also tried different browsers and even gone so far as to download the best buy app. None of these so called "solutions" from other posts have worked.


This also seems like a clearly ongoing issue as there are lots of these posts going back months. Please fix your products and services so they work as you have sold them to us. 


I do not wish to travel to a store to pre order games as it is a waste of my time and money. 


Please advise on how to get the discount applied online.

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Re: Gamers Club is not getting added to my cart when I purchase a game...

Hello Everyone –


Before contacting GamersClub-BBY as instructed in the Gamers Club Unlocked Activation FAQ thread please be sure you’re following the below troubleshooting steps also listed in the FAQ. We’ve determined that in most cases this problem is caused by a browser cache/cookies issue, and the below steps resolve the issue most of the time.


If you’ve received your Welcome Email with Coupons and are seeing the membership in the Rewards Overview page, but are not seeing the discount, perform the following troubleshooting steps. If these steps do not resolve the issue use the contact information listed below for assistance.

  • Remove all items from your cart 
  • Sign out of your account
  • Clear your browsers cache and cookies
  • Sign into your account and add the title to your cart


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