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Gamers Club is not getting added to my cart when I purchase a game...

I've tried for hours... Gamers Club is not getting added to my cart when I purchase a game..


Tried all sorts of options. Weird. There is no way I can add Gamers Club, it says it is doing it but when you go to check out with the game...there is no sign of it.


Help trying to register for the Gamers Club ASAP!

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Re: Gamers Club is not getting added to my cart when I purchase a game...

Hi Malawi –


Welcome to our forums and thanks for posting. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble trying to utilize the GCU Membership, which I’ll be happy to advise you on.


Have you just recently purchased the Membership and are now trying to use it or are you trying to purchase the Membership now? If you’ve already purchased the Membership please see out Gamers Club Unlocked Activation FAQ for an explanation of the activation process and expected activation timeframe, in addition troubleshooting steps and specific contact information for assistance with activation issues.



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Gamers Club Purchase

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I recently purchased a gamers club membership for two years. However, the discount doesn't show up when I'm trying to buy a game on your website.

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Gamers club unlocked

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Purchased this with an order online the other day and am not seeing it. Says it is ready but I cannot use it. Order is {removed per forum guidelines}.

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Gamer's Club in store problem - Help



On 6/15 I decided I wanted to buy MLB The Show 17 for PS4.


I decided to stop using Amazon as my main gaming site, and thought it would be wise to switch to Best Buy - using Gamer's Club Unlocked.


I went online to purchase the membership and game with in-store pickup...Since it was 8pm and the store was closing soon, store pickup was only available for next day.  So, I called my Best Buy store and they told me if I order Gamer's Club Unlocked online it will be linked to my phone number and when I come in to buy the game in a few minutes it would all be linked up and work.  I have come to learn that was incorrect.


I purchased the game in store, it rang up at the sale price of $39.99.  I questioned where the 20% off was and they said that it doesn't stack on sale prices.  I told them that was wrong, and they called over a manager to confirm that Gamer's Club Unlocked discounts do not stack, and you get either the sale price, or the 20%.  Again, I have now found that was wrong.


So, I didn't get to play the game yet...I now need to return it in store since I was charged $8 extra.  


I now also want to purchase "ARMS' for Nintendo Switch, yet 14 hours later I'm still not able to use the benefits I paid for. 


At this point, I'm feeling like I should have stuck with Amazon for my gaming needs.


Can anyone help me expedite this process?  I'll be around all day to provide whatever order info is needed.


Thank you



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Re: Gamer's Club in store problem - Help

By the way, I have read the FAQ and know about the timing, but I also see countless posts of people having problems with activation.

None of this was explained up front, by the store where I called, or by the cashier or manager in person...

Again, expediting this would be appreciated so that I can make a purchase of ARMS today with the discount (while I return MLB, which I was denied the discount on).

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No Gamers Club discounts

I know by reading this forum this is a typical issue it seems like. Bought gamers club, received my printed coupons via email but I don't see any discounts when shopping online for games. No discount shows up or anything, got an email for gamers club download of something. But theres nothing for me to download. Is it not linked to my account or what? Do I have to buy gamers club everytime I want to buy a game or how does this actually work? If anyone can help, or if I'm doing something wrong. I thought i would get discounts when shopping online. 


Thanks in advance

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Re: No Gamers Club discounts

Good luck, as you can see from my unanswered post above, they don't seem eager to assist.


My store is clueless, the reps I spoke to on my hour long call are clueless (transferred around to 8 people).  The last rep suggested I go to the store and have them cancel my online unlocked order and re-buy in store, as if that would even remotely be a possiblity.  The store I called again said they can't do anything since I didn't buy it in


I'm still waiting and regretting my decision to purchase.



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Re: No Gamers Club discounts

Hello mcfly1955-

If you see Michael's response above, it provides the steps to take for assistance.

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Re: No Gamers Club discounts

I've already read them. Again, not stated up front how horrible the process is.

Also, the emails are inaccurate "Welcome to My Best Buy® Gamers Club Unlocked*. Starting now until 06/14/2019, experience the digital euphoria that is more titles, more rewards and more ways to build on your gaming empire. "

This was my 2nd email, which led me to believe I was all set to make my purchase today...But again, the email is wrong and who knows when it will work.

Just a frustrating experience.