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Gamers Club and missing reward points

Ordered Call of Duty prior to my GC expiring and as was online preorder amount was paid in full.  Rewards showed up as pending showing the $10 preorder certificate as well as my points, however the points were on a half base scale and not 2x base scale for amount paid.  Basically half dollar value of what was paid, just like other items purchased.  It was the only item on my order.


I read somewhere (can't remember if it was a forum post or on BB FAQ) that when it was ordered and paid prior to the GC expriation it was still under benefits for points credit, where as if preorder for instore pickup and not paid in full until pick up then it would be as if GC was expired and as existing point plan with points issues upon completion of the sale.


Tried to submit a missing points request and all I get is my info does not match the records.  It's order number, zip code, and amount.  Not rocket science.  Yes, I know it says may take up to 15 days but the pending points are no longer pending.  They have posted to my account.


Just wondering if I am to get the missing amount on my points as my account was active and along with the remaining preorder games I have in the pipe or if something changed and even though the games are paid in full I am no longer allowed to get the points that were eligible on my orders.



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Re: Gamers Club and missing reward points

Hi, user4574,


Welcome back to the Best Buy forum! I hope you’ve been enjoying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare! I have a few friends who just won’t put it down since the release, so I feel like that bodes well for the entertainment value.


Regarding My Best Buy points, those are generally applied within about 15-20 days after fulfillment. In contrast, the Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) discounts should be applied right away when the order is initially placed. Since the discount is added at the time of order, it should remain even if the membership expires before fulfillment so long as no part of the order is changed. In the case of 2x My Best Buy points for qualifying purchases under GCU, as those are applied after fulfillment, it’s my understanding that 2x points should not be added if the GCU membership has expired at the time of points being added and you would simply receive the regular point value based on your My Best Buy membership level. See more about the My Best Buy program here. I hope this helps to clarify expectations going forward, but please let me know if you have additional questions!


Either way, I will be sending you a private message shortly to gather more information and discuss the details of your specific order. As you may already know, you should be able to view your private messages by logging into the forum and selecting the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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