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Gamers Club and Price Match

When I see games on sale on Amazon I like to price match it at so I can get the gamers club discount too.

The last 2 times I tried to do it I was told I can't get the gamer's club discount if I price match. This never used to happen so after a lot of arguing back and forth I get the price match plus the gamers club discount.

Is this a new policy that you can't do both? I want to know so I can save time and not insist that I should be able to get both (last time I spent about 45 min trying to get the discount)

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Re: Gamers Club and Price Match

This has always been the case. You can see the policy here. Sometimes Best Buy changes the sale price to match competitors themselves in which case the GCU discount applies (I've gotten quite a few games at great prices this way!) but it does not work if you try doing a price match yourself.


How does the Price Match Guarantee apply to My Best Buy® Gamers Club Unlocked purchases?

My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked members can get 20% off new video games. For purposes of the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee, Best Buy takes the discounted My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked price into account prior to a price match request. For example, if Best Buy sells a new game for $59.99, a My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked member will be able to buy it for $47.99. The $47.99 price is the price we would compare for price match purposes. If a competitor sells the game for $49.99, there would not be a need for a price match as the Best Buy price is lower. If a competitor sells a game for $44.99, we would match that price and sell a My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked member the game for $44.99 with no additional discount. If Best Buy lowers our price during the return and exchange period on a My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked purchase, we will, upon request, apply the 20% discount on the new lower price. For example, If a Gamers Club Unlocked member paid $47.99 for a new game priced at $59.99 and Best Buy lowers the price to $49.99 during the return and exchange period, we will, upon request, price match the new price with the 20% discount and sell the My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked member the game for $39.99.

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Re: Gamers Club and Price Match

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Hi Smalltowngirl,


Welcome back to the forum!  You ask a great question, and I'll be happy to explain how your Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) works with a price match.


@OJ7 has provided some great resources for you to peruse; however, I do need to clarify one thing here.  While your membership is still active, your 20% GCU discount can only be used when price matching a lower price at Best Buy, and not with a competitor.  Essentially, you would be able to choose between either price matching a competitor or using your 20% GCU discount.  This is further explained in our GCU FAQ below:


Q: Can the 20% off benefit be combined with a price match?
 At the time of purchase, you would receive either the price match or 20% off. You would not be able to receive 20% off of a matched price. If Best Buy's price is lowered during the return/exchange period, the price will be matched to the lower price (upon request). My Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked Members should receive the new price along with the 20% discount. This price match covers one price match per identical item per customer.


Let me know if you have any other questions, anytime.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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