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Thoughts about Gamers Club Unlocked

I just heard that Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked will be going away.  Smiley Sad

I find it hard to understand how Best Buy didn't see the value in it that I did.  My evidence is anecdotal, to be sure, but GCU turned me from an occasional shopper to a regular customer at Best Buy.  Buying a game or amiibo from some other retailer simply didn't happen as long as Best Buy had what I wanted in stock, and this led to many other Best Buy purchases including gaming consoles and accessories, a PC monitor, a new doorbell, an electric shaver, a tablet PC, HDMI cables, a hard drive and a huge flat-screen 4K TV, and that's far from a complete list.  All of that was made possible by GCU.  I ended up becoming an Elite Plus customer without even trying.


Once my GCU membership expires, then what?  Without an explicit reason to keep going back to Best Buy on a regular basis, Best Buy becomes just another store, and buying games and other items from stores that are closer to me or from online retailers becomes more enticing.


I hope that whatever led to this decision is carefully reviewed, and that GCU comes back or a new gamer-oriented program is launched that corrects whatever problems Best Buy had with GCU.  The beauty of GCU was the guaranteed discounts; it meant I never had to think about whether Best Buy was the best buy, because it always was.  Volatile sale pricing is annoying, and I'm not inclined to spend half-an-hour looking at sale ads to save a few bucks, so once my GCU expires I have to anticipate paying full price for games and other items previously discounted by GCU.  And since I can pay full price anywhere, that will reduce my incentive to go to Best Buy, and increase my incentive to shop at retailers that are slightly closer to me.  And just as they do now, my non-gaming purchases are most likely to go whatever retailer is most convenient/familiar at the time, which after GCU is unlikely to be Best Buy in most cases.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

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Hello Friends,


For a variety of reasons, we have decided that our Gamers Club programs will not be accepting new members. This includes both the free Gamers Club membership and Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU). Current Gamers Club Unlocked members will continue to receive their benefits. However, current members of the free Gamers Club program will no longer receive benefits. We encourage everyone to use our “My Best Buy” membership to receive perks, including receiving a $10 reward certificate when pre-ordering select, hot games.



You may have additional questions after reading this, and we hope to address those for you with our FAQs listed below.


Q) I heard you are canceling Gamers Club Unlocked. Is this true?

A. Yes, but current members will continue to receive their benefits until their membership expires.



Q) Has the free Gamers Club program been canceled?


A. Yes. Current members of the free Gamers Club program will no longer receive benefits.

Q) I preordered a game that is advertised as being a part of the Get $10 offer. Will I still receive this reward with my preorder?

A. Yes, our Get $10 promotion is open to all My Best Buy members, as it is currently.

Q) Are my current Unlocked benefits changing in any way?

A. There will be no changes to your Gamers Club Unlocked Benefits for those currently enrolled.

Q) Will you be replacing Gamers Club or GCU with something else?

A.  At this time, we are not able to share any information on possible programs or offers that may be presented in the future. I recommend keeping an eye on for any updates.

Q) I am a GCU member but I'm not seeing my discount on new games for my online purchase. 

A.  The 20% discount should be applied to eligible games in your cart if you are logged into your active Gamers Club Unlocked account. 

Q) Will customers with existing memberships be able to renew?

A. Existing memberships may not be renewed. 

Q) How do I check when my Gamers Club Unlocked membership expires?

A.  Log into the Account Home page on to see your My Gamers Club Unlocked expiration date.




We will continue to leave this thread open to new posts, but please know that we will not have additional comments on the decision. As always, if you have any questions about your active membership, please post to our Gamers Club board or if you have a general game purchase question please reach out on our Gaming Support board.



Mike|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

Great ... no additional comments?

Then no additional money from my pocket. Back to Amazon/Gamestop!

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

Thanks Mike for the helpful FAQ.  I sincerely hope a replacement program comes along.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

You can add me to the list of people who will never shop at Best Buy again. Once my GCU runs out I'll never be shopping at Best Buy again. GCU was an amazing program and made me a regular at Best Buy, I'm an Elite Plus member and actually replaced all the appliances in my kitchen last month with appliances I purchased at Best Buy using a Best Buy credit card, that is the last big purchase Best Buy will be seeing from me. It was great while it lasted but I guess I'll use Amazon or go all digital at this point.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

"Q) I heard you are canceling Gamers Club Unlocked. Is this true?

A. No. Current members will continue to receive their benefits."


No, you're still CANCELING it. There is no way to buy or renew memberships anymore. You're simply leting existing memberships expire out.


The program itself is finished and quite frankly that is going to have waves. Protecting the intrerests of publishers over your consumers is the bottom-barrel of business.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

@Mike-BBY wrote:

Q) Will you be replacing Gamers Club or GCU with something else?

A.  At this time, we are not able to share any information on possible programs or offers that may be presented in the future. I recommend keeping an eye on for any updates.

You guys said the same thing about pre-owned games, yet continued to give out the B2G1 on them even though 90-95% of BB stores have ZERO stock of them available and still have zero stock available. A little advanced notice about the cancellation of this program and/or any future revamping might help stem the tide of customers I see already moving away from this company. The continued silence is NOT helpful at all.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

I actually paid $100 over what EVERYONE ELSE was charging for an unlocked iPhone X to get it from Best Buy and to cash in on My Best Buy reward points. GCU was that much of a motivator to shop at Best Buy and now it all goes up in smoke.

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

I know people are frustrated, hell I am right there with you but the people on the forums are not the ones making the decisions for the company so cut them a little slack.

With that out of the way. I am an elite plus member, I have been one off and on depending on the particular year. I buy electronics such as TV's once I don't know maybe 5-6 years. That's enough most times to put me into elite plus. However I have consistently been elite or elite plus with the GCU. Other than that I have no reason to do business with best buy. Their handling of the program was superior to all other loyalty programs out so despite my issues with best buy as an organization I left Amazon and dealt with best buy for games which I purchase several during a year.

With the closure of this club, once my membership is done I will return to Amazon for all my gaming purchases. This is not a threat this is the truth.

Why do I bother to say this? Well because I feel this is a huge mis-step by BestBuy. Your CEO sat there and talked about how he's turning best buy around and the stocks prove it. Well this probably just undid all his hard work because several people go to best buy for the game club. Gamers spend tons of cash annually which will now go to other retailers as a result because there is no longer incentive to conduct business with best buy.

While I know you can not comment on the issue I would appreciate if you would pass my comment on to the powers that be. I created this account solely to comment on this. I know even then the guys with MBA's that are taught bad business in these schools by idealists are creating these bottom line CEO's which have been running businesses into the ground to only be hired again because of their degree and then proceed to run the next business into the ground.

Toys R Us is a good example of this and it should be looked at as a cautionary tale because Best Buy in all honestly does not have a lot going for it.

Please consider the responses here and encourage management to run the numbers on the revenue that ultimately will be lost by this decision which alienates a ton of customers.

If the club was costing the company money, I can understand that they don't think moving the price point was a good idea. Probably by a test group that does not know anything. Because you could most certainly raise the price and it would still be a good deal. Or if you were not confident in this, you could leave the $30 price tag intact and change the subscription to annual which leaves the price point in tact and promotes annual revenue streams.

I hope this will make it to the right place. I just don't want you guys to find this out the hard way is all because most times when then happens its too late to come back. I have no issue shopping somewhere else when my GCU expires I just felt I owed you guys a heads up.
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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked being discontinued

While i appreciate a representative finally replying with important information for those who may have questions, ultimately its the decision itself that is not sitting right with everyone. I know the people working these forums dont make these decisions, and you can only comment on what you have been told. It is no fault of yours. However, this is one of a few places which customers can comment and give feedback in hopes that it reaches someone who does have a say in this issue. I know ive personally contacted support and received an automated message that my concerns will go on to the right people, but how can i ever really know?


All we can do is make our dissapointment with the company known and if its ignored than as consumers we can choose to give someone else our business. Its just a real big shame as i know people really enjoyed this program, and would have given more money and or taken an annual subscription over throwing it away.