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Gamers Club Discount Refused at Store #1178 (Second issue in a week with this store and Policy!)

So today I decided to go back to store # 1178 in Florida City Florida, and try another purchase. Mind you, this is in the wake of my last visit to the store where I was refused a Price Match, despite meeting all requirements.


I went in and purchased the Mafia III: Collectors Edition for the XBox One (SKU 5228302), which rings up in store and Online at $52.99 and should discount with the Gamers Club Unlocked to $42.39, which it does ONLINE and in the APP,


But when I get to the register, it tells the Cashier, no discount and would not allow any kind of Adjustment to the $52.99, despite the GCU being active, and the GCU showing active ONLINE and in the APP. I show the Cashier, that I am a GCU Member and she tells me GCU is dead, and I had to inform her that I am active till September 2019, so then we head to Customer Service. 


There, they try the GCU with another game, and it does the discount. We try my purchase again, no dice. The manager then says to override the discount off, and again, the system will not allow this. Since we tried to ring this up, this also didn't allow me to use the APP for the discount, because they advised the system would override the GCU discount at Pick Up, which would effectively kill the GCU discount, and bump the price back up. 


I have been doing the GCU for years and was a Pilot Member, I have bought clearance and discounted games and never had the GCU refused before, just as I never had a price match refused before. Yet at the SAME store in the SAME week, here I am. 


So I did pick up the game, cause we really wanted it, but I'd like to be credited back the $10.00 that I was due, somehow--- because I paid for the GCU, I met all qualifications, and yet was refused the discount, and NO one seems to know what's going on save 'The system this' and 'the system that'. 


To his credit the manager offered me $10.00 off something in store, if I wanted it, but it couldn't be for the Mafia III game I had purchased.


This sincerely has soured me on Best Buy and makes me wonder what the heck is going on, and why aren't we being informed?

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Re: Gamers Club Discount Refused at Store #1178 (Second issue in a week with this store and Policy!)

I’m not a BBY rep, but from my experience with GCU, it’s always best to order GCU related stuff online. It’s nothing new to receive a lot of problems in store with GCU, even before it was technically canceled, especially collectors editions. I would have taken the $10 and been happy. Everyone over at CAG forums has never been successful with a lot of GCU related purchases in store. The store employees aren’t lying when they say the system literally won’t let them, it literally won’t.
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Re: Gamers Club Discount Refused at Store #1178 (Second issue in a week with this store and Policy!)

Thanks Dashaka, I'm a CAG Member as well, and will definitely do that from now on. The trouble was, there was nothing else I wanted at the time, and between this and the price matching fiasco, this has just been a pain. Personally, I've never had one issue with this store, and it's been there for years. Collector's Editions, Regular, clearance of otherwise. All the sudden this month, it's been a mess, and all they can say is maybe they are 'testing something' and they can do that, and it will jack things up and we are boned for it. So definitely, online will be the best thing to do from here on our, if we decide to go back.
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Re: Gamers Club Discount Refused at Store #1178 (Second issue in a week with this store and Policy!)

Hello BAlejandro,


Welcome back to the forum.


As far as I know, there are no known issues with our systems that are preventing active Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) members from receiving their benefits and applying their respective discounts in-store.  That said, I do see you're currently working with my teammate Kayla regarding a separate matter via private message here on the forum.  I'll bring her up to speed on your additional concerns here so that she can continue assisting you in the same conversation.


Thank you for writing to us.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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