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GCU not working/expired early

Hello, I was intending to order one last round of games with the 20% discount before my GCU membership expired on 11/2, and was disappointed to see that the discount was already no longer applying. The Games Club Unlocked "badge" still shows up on my account rewards overview, as "Through Nov. 2, 2018". I'm not sure if the discount is just not applying properly for some reason, or if my GCU expired before it was supposed to, as browsing through the forums it seems there are multiple instances of both cases from other customers.. If there is anything that can be done regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your consideration.
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Re: GCU not working/expired early

I came here to ask the same thing, except it’s not even showing the gcu badge for me. But I know for sure it said good THROUGH Nov. 2.

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Re: GCU not working/expired early

I'm having the exact same issue when I tried to buy some games last night. What gives? Mine is suppose to be good through Nov. 2 as well. 

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Re: GCU not working/expired early

Same for me. The in store trade bonus worked fine yesterday but today nothing.
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Order Canceled with GCU

Last night I placed an order for a game with GCU. Later that night the order was canceled. Supposedly it wasn't in store. My GCU was turned off last night, despite my official expiration date being today. Last night when I went to re order, that's when I noticed GCU was turned off. Today as I look at the game again, it's all of a sudden back in store. Please honor the GCU price. It's not fair that I was terminated a day early.
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Cancelled gamers club unlocked early. Why?

Just curious why you cancelled it early on me?

Also, does anyone know what was in the welcome packet Best buy never sent me?
I had asked in the store and on the phone. ( Spent hours on the phone) They said it was just junk. But, I did want the coupons which I never received.
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Re: Gamerclub Welcome package

I never received mine. Spent hours on the phone with many specialists. They all said I would get them. Finally, gave up.
Asked about the welcome packet at customer service in the store, was told it was just junk.
Problem is. I / we we paid for that junk and should have received it.
Asked for a refund at the time because Best buy didn't deliver on the purchase.
Was told no....
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Gamers Club Unlocked Issue

[ Edited ]

Hello, I saw that my gamers club unlocked membership would expire November 1st 2018 but when I placed an order on October 31st, I noticed that I didnt get the GCU discount on my order. Now I'm not even picking up one of the games I pre ordered since my membership ended. It's really sad to see this GCU membership go.


I would just like to know if theres any way I could get the GCU discounts on that order since i placed it before my gcu expiration date but if bestbuy can't, could you please cancel my whole order: {removed per forum guidelines}


I also ended up using my $30 certificates.

Also, I don't know how certificates are refunded but if they're refunded by bestbuy credit or points, either way is fine.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Gamers Club Unlocked Issue

Actually, it seems the 25% gcu farewell code I was given was used accidentally on the kingdom hearts game, If theres anyway I could get another code that would be great, if not, it's fine.
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Gamers club

I have been trying to place an order for games now for the past 2 days. The website is not taking the 20% off for my gamers club. My gamers club is good through today (Nov 3rd). I am pretty angry I can not place one final order for a couple more games before it is gone forever. How are you going to remedy this or are you just going to screw me out of my final days of gamers club?