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GCU discount not applying on pre order

Hello all,

I’m trying to order a copy of Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee for a Christmas gift, but my discount won’t apply when I place my order. I had the same problem earlier this week when I ordered the game for myself, and I had to call in and get transferred around a bit before eventually talking to someone who was able to fix it. I’d prefer not to call in again, since it took so long last time, but I want to be able to use my discount and for my friend to receive the game the same day as me. Does anyone know why this problem is occurring?

Also, when I called in about the last game, the representative assured me that my GCU doesn’t expire until January of 2020, so I know it should be working.

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Re: GCU discount not applying on pre order

I believe the discount has changed so it does not show up until your in the shopping cart and waiting for payment.

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Re: GCU discount not applying on pre order

I’ve actually tried checking out completely and my discount still won’t apply.
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Re: GCU discount not applying on pre order

Hi bertpls –


Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble receiving your GCU discount online, and will be happy to advise you.


The easiest way to know if your GCU discount is active and linked to your profile is to login, and view your account profile page. From there, you should see a Gamers Club Unlocked badge if your membership is active.


If you see this badge, but you’re still not seeing your discount apply, then this is likely a browser cache/cookies issue. In most cases this is resolved by emptying your cart, signing out of, clearing your browser cache/cookies/history, fully ending your session, signing back into and trying again. If you’re still not seeing your discount applied to your cart after that we recommend trying with another browser or the mobile app.


If you don’t see the GCU badge on your profile, please send me a private message verifying the following details. You can message me by selecting the blue button in my signatures.


  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address used to login to
  • My Best Buy Member ID linked to profile



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Re: GCU discount not applying on pre order

Thanks, I don’t see the badge, but I know my GCU should be active until January 2020. I will send you the information shortly.