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Best Buy Rewards account used by some else



I want to find out if there is a way to stop someone from making purchases at Best Buy using my phone number to access my best buy rewards account. I had two purchases on my account that I didn't make. It is someone taking advantage of my Gamer's Club Unlocked membership benefits. Which I don't want this person doing. So is it possible to make my account in accessible to anyone who only has my phone number?

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Re: Best Buy Rewards account used by some else

Change your password?



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Re: Best Buy Rewards account used by some else

Hi StephenTremblay –


Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting. It’s concerning to hear someone is using your My Best Buy Rewards account and Gamers Club Unlocked membership without your consent, which is something I’ll be happy to advise you on.


If these transactions are being processed on, then changing your password like @bobberuchi suggested would be your best option. If these purchases were made in store, that does complicate things some. Unfortunately, there isn’t way to require more than just a phone number to pull up a rewards account in-store. What I recommend doing is changing the phone number on your account via to a secure alternative, and providing your email address in-store so we may pull up your account. If you have any other questions, please feel free to post again.



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Re: Best Buy Rewards account used by some else

Thank you, I thought that was what I would have to do. I updated my phone number so this person shouldn't be able to use my account in store any more. Thank you for your assistance.