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$10$ pre-ordered Far Cry 5 Xbox one and PS4



I preordered both the games.I had my first order Xbox one shipped paid with [45$ reward certificate], and then a second seperate order PS4 - in store pickuped on release day.


So, I received one 10$ rewards certifcate and thought that i will receive one more 10$ rewards certifcate. I decided to keep PS4 version based on the youtube reviews and returned the Xbox one game to best buy store. 


When i received refund, I got only a 35$ reward certificate. In the end it totals to as if, Bestbuy autocorrected and refunded me only 35$ to compensate for the issued reward. 


But i never received the 10$ cert for the PS4 version. 


Can @MyBestBuy look into this and resolve the issue. ?

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Re: $10$ pre-ordered Far Cry 5 Xbox one and PS4

Greetings madanagpal,


Welcome to our forums! I’m sorry to hear that there may be a discrepancy with your return. I’d be more than happy to review your purchase and return to make sure everything has been applied appropriately.


In order to keep your information secure, please send me a private message with the purchase details of each of the consoles. Either the order numbers or the Customer Service Pin which can be found at the bottom of the receipt should be sufficient. From there I should have enough information to dig into this in greater detail. If you have any questions please let me know and I eagerly await to hear from you!



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Re: $10$ pre-ordered Far Cry 5 Xbox one and PS4

I have emailed you with the Order information.