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When does spending count towards a 2021 Elite membership renewal?

Right now I have over 7k in spending between Jan 1, 2019 and now.  I'm actually holding off on some purchases because I want the purchases to count towards renewing my Elite status for 2021 by spending at least 1.5k in 2020.  

So the question is, will purchases made on Jan 1, 2020 count towards keeping my Elite status in 2021?

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Re: When does spending count towards a 2021 Elite membership renewal?

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Hi, Mr_O,


Thank you for taking the time to connect with us on the forum.


I have been trying to reach Elite status ever since it was first introduced back in 2013 but always fall short, and the goal of trying to convince my wife that we need to buy new electronics hasn't gone very well.  Just have to keep trying.Smiley Wink A member can qualify for Elite status by spending $1,500 on eligible purchases within a single calendar year and Elite Plus status by spending $3,500.  If you have spent $7,000 on eligible purchases since January 1, then you should definitely have Elite Plus status.


I took a quick peak at your rewards account using the email address that you registered with the forum and confirmed that you did recently qualify for Elite Plus status. Congrats!  You should have Elite Plus status for at least one full year, which means it will likely expire at the end of February 2021.  Your current spend total will be reset to $0 with the start of the 2020 calendar year, so purchases made on and after January 1, 2020 should count towards qualifying for Elite status or requalifying for Elite Plus.


Let's say you were to spend $1,500 during all of the 2020 calendar year.  You would have Elite Plus status up until the end of February 2021 when it would expire and revert to Elite status, which would then be valid until February 2022.  I hope that helps answer your questions.  If you should have any other questions about your rewards account, then please feel free to send me a private message, by clicking on the blue button in my signature, and I will see what I can do to further assist.


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Happy Holidays!

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