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The Bestbuy BushWhack II

Bestbuy on Sept 27, 2020 informed at their store of the following:

1.  I had $105.00 of active certificates.

2.  I purchased two (2) items for $42.98 each

3.  I also purchased one (1) item for $12.99

4.  Total $98.95

5.  Total with tax $104.89

I told the clerk to use the $105.00 in active certificates.

The clerk rung-up the bill and said I owe $4.19.

I said I had $105.00 in certificates.

The clerk said "You have to pay something!"

I said, can I use my certificates?

The clerk said "Only up to a point" - but you still have $10.00 left in certificates!

Bestbuy patrons BEWARE, they LIMITED ME to how much of my certificate amount could be used !!!!!!!!

Thank goodness I didn't have $1000.00 in certificates, who knows how much "they (Bestbuy)" would let me "use !"

Don't say you weren't warned.  Certificates CANNOT be used in full to make purchases - Just Happened To Me !"




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Re: The Bestbuy BushWhack II

Hi there, Sand1man,


Welcome back to our Best Buy forum community! I wish the circumstances bringing you back to our forum were happier, but I'm glad you took the time to share your experience with us.


I know how excited I am when I have reward certificates to use, so I can imagine you feel that way as well! That said, I can understand how it would take you by surprise that you can't pay for a purchase purely with reward certificates. According to our My Best Buy Terms, a purchases pre-tax total needs to be equal to or exceed the value of the reward certificate being used towards the purchase. 


Although I can understand where you are coming from, another reason why a product can't be purchased purely with reward certificates is that we wouldn't be able to provide change if the amount of the certificates used exceeded the total.


I hope that information helps! If you haven't already, I recommend checking out the My Best Buy Terms I linked above, so you can have a better idea of how the reward certificates and points work going forward.



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