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Terrible part of price match policy

The price match and rewards dollar polcies continue to be more and more aggravating. 


I won't got into past experiences, but today getting essentially the same answer in the past has pushed me even closer to not shopping at Best Buy any longer. 


The background:


I recently purchased two Dell S2716dg monitors from the store. They were not on sale at Best Buy and listed at $599.99. There was an online retailer (on the approved list) that had a price of $549.99. And after speaking with two store representatives was finally given that price match. I also used $80 in reward dollars on the purchase. 


Today I see that has a sale on the same monitors for $449.99. So I call to see if price matching is done after the sale on competitors websites. Luckily, the price can be matched. And the rep even made an exception and honored the price for both monitors. Everything is great at this point. 


Now the terrible part of the equation. Because I used reward dollars, that is considered a "discount" and cannot be included in the price match. So I am essentially out those $80 in rewards. 


The only way to fix this is to fully return the items. Wait the two weeks or so for the reqrd dollars to credit back to my account and then hope the price is still $449.99 and repruchase the monitors. 


Or, just buy then again from Dell at their sales price and once they arrive return the Best Buy items for the refund and be ever more close to ending my shopping at Best Buy.


The part of this that I keep getting in similar situations is just to return the items. I am sure Best Buy counts on the difficulty that means of disassembling/unmounting, reboxing, and driving back to the store hassle and people will just give up. 


Reward dollasr should not be considered a discount, they should be treated as currency the way they are advertised. 


Consider this one Elite Plus member ready to leave.

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Re: Terrible part of price match policy

A couple things stood out on your post. You received an exception as only one price match is allowed; I wish it could be unlimited as long as within return window. On the other hand you should't lose on the certificates/ or have them considered as a discount in the process as they are a form of payment.

***Please be advised that while I am an employee of Best Buy, I am here on my own time just like yourself. I am here simply to offer insight and information from a regular employee point of view. My comments are my own and not representative of Best Buy Co., Inc. I AM NOT A FORUM MODERATOR; therefore, I cannot look in to order/account information. If you find my posting helpful, please add kudos to it. Remember to mark answered questions as solved if something helped you in order to speed up the answer queue for other customers***
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Re: Terrible part of price match policy

I agree.


On the exception to match both item's price. I am appreciative. 


I also agree that the reward certificates should not be counted as a discount. 


But in this case, here is how the pricing went. (2 monitors purchased)


1.) Original Price - $599.99


2.) First matched Price  - $549.99


3.) Reward certificates used - $80.00

4.) "Price" of each monitor on receipt - $509.99


5.) Second Price match - $449.99

6.) To get to second price match $120.00 was credited back to me. $60 per monitor. 

Now what should have happened was $200.00 to be credited back to me. Bringing the new price of the monitor in line with's price of $449.99. And the reward certificates would have still been applied properly. 


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Re: Terrible part of price match policy

Hello nolakg, 

Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent price match experience! It's always great to find a lower price on a product, knowing there may be a chance for savings at hand. With that said, our Price Match Guarantee is set up to be easy to use and understand, so I'm discouraged to hear things could have gone smoother for you. 

Under our Price Match Guarantee, we only price match competitors at the time of sale, and each item is only allowed one price match. While the use of reward certificates shouldn't impact a price match, please know that this would have been an exception. I apologize if you were advised otherwise during your price match, and am glad to have the chance to clear this up. 

We greatly appreciate you reaching out to share your concerns and frustrations. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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