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Return Denied - Expired Elite Status blamed?

I've been a loyal Best Buy customer for more years than I have fingers.  I've never had a problem with anything as far as customer service until now.  


I recently decided to jump on board the earphones bandwagon and see what all the hype is about.  I researched and looked and still had not made up my mind until on May 23rd Best Buy ran a "Deal of the Day" which included a pair of Jaybird earphones that were marked down to a stupid price of $49.  Well that was the push I needed to take the plunge and get a pair for myself.  I placed my order, drove to the store.  I waited in the line that wrapped around the outside of the building sitting in my car until it was my turn.  They were already paid for so that was easy.  I took them home to try them out.


Well, I hate them.  I listen to music on occasion but I more needed them to be able to talk on the phone in the car because my bluetooth in my car is horrible.  I can't hear very well to begin with and these made me feel like I was at the bottom of a well and echoed.  I thought it could be me, my phone, my car etc... So after several attempts with different phones, different computer and my iPad I finally threw in the towel.  These just are not right for me.  That really became the case when a friend showed me what they had purchased from Best Buy by Bose.  I tried them and I love them. Easy, I thought to myself, I'll return these and buy the Bose ones that are 3x's the amount that these were. 


I go to start the exchange online and I see something that looks different.  These are no longer eligible for return.  What? Must be a mistake.  I get on the chat service to talk to one of the usually friendly reps.  After being number 81 in line and a quoted wait time of 6 mins, I finally get a chat person after 20 mins. 


I explain to her that I would like to exchange these for a different pair.  She's happy to help and after finding the order and verifying everything she says, "I have checked with your details and see that the Return and exchange policy for your account is 15 days, as you are standard member."  Well that's news to me!  I asked her when I lost my Elite membership status, she can't help me there either.  I then ask for her supervisor to see if that person will have answers for me.  I'd like to mention that the agent I chatted with was superb and did her job as she was supposed to.


Tom the supervisor joins in the conversation and I explain everything to him again.  I also take this time to point out a couple of facts that I find important here.  My history with the company, my elite status, and my wanting to exchange these for a much more expensive pair that are not on sale like these were.  No cash back, no putting the money back on my card.  I just want to give them back and get my $49 store credit so I can get back online and order the ones I truly want.  I think this should go fairly quickly.  It does, very quickly right into the brick wall of "No, you are not elite."  Thank you I know!


So here's my thing.  I'm a loyal customer who has enjoyed elite status for a couple of years now.  No where (and I keep everything in my email inbox, I mean everything) did I get an email letting me know that my elite status was about to expire.  No friendly reminder, no "One month left to shop and keep that elite status" flyer.  Nothing, nadda, zilch, zero.  Being told that I'm no longer elite kinda burns especially when I'm trying to return a measly little $50 pair of headphones.  What about when I spent all that money to get  the elite status? 


After all of this, I don't know if I want a stinking ELITE status with a company that treats me like royalty one day, then like crap the next all because of a status that is monetarily based.  Why not treat us all the same?  My money is no greener than my neighbors.  In a world that is full of inequality it's kinda funny that we still have a big huge corporation like Best Buy ranking people by how much money they spend.  I was raised to know the value of a dollar and it's not how much I can spend or get at Best Buy.  Every customer should have the red carpet rolled out for them because we made the choice to spend our hard earned money at your store.  You should be thanking us for our business no matter how much or how little we have spent instead of telling us that we are no longer elite. Remember Best Buy, without us you are nothing.  


All because you won't let me return a purchase so that I can immediately turn around and spend 3x's more than the original amount at your store.  I'm sure Bose will welcome me into their store with open arms.




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Re: Return Denied - Expired Elite Status blamed?

Good morning, msbhvn-1, 

Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your headphones purchase! I know finding the perfect pair for you can be a challenge, so I would want to exchange a pair as well if they weren't what I was hoping for. 

Under our Return & Exchange Promise, most products receive a 15 day return and exchange period. While Elite and Elite Plus members receive longer return and exchange periods for most products, this benefit would only be received while maintaining the tier status. I understand that on top of finding your tier status had expired, leaving you with an unexpected 15 days to return or exchange these headphones, you were also concerned that you were not warned about your tier status expiring. 


Please know that under our My Best Buy Terms, tier statuses expire at the end of every February if the required spending was not met to maintain the status the previous calendar year. While we may not send out notices regarding tier expirations as it is a yearly process, members are always welcome to review their tier spending and status on For more information on this, you are welcome to review the FAQ below. 


My Best Buy™ Tier Expiration FAQ


While I hope this information helps clarify your experience with our My Best Buy program, I understand this still leaves you dissatisfied with the headphones. Should you still be in need of assistance, please feel welcome to send me a private message via the link in my signature below with your name, phone number, and email address. 



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