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Re: How do I contact corporate for a complaint?

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I have had a similar experience with my Elite Plus mebership status. I understand the rules are clear on this matter. Howerver, having been a loyoal bestbuy customer and an Elite Plus Member for all those years, an email, a text message, or a call about the mebership expiring at a certain date would have been appreciated. Especially if I could have made a purchace or two to keep it going.


My Elite Plus membership went out sometime in February of 2021. Unaware of this, I did not know the point i was banking were disboursed. So they expirered. Since I am not one to complain much, as this was on me for not reading up on the membership rules and keeping up with all the emails best buy sends me, I did not try to reach Best Buy until last month. I was on the phone for an hour or more trying to get someone to explain to me what had happened. After being cut off/hang up on about 3 times, I was able to reach someone who gave me a better understanding of the rules.


My actual reason for calling Best Buy was to find out why I had not reached elite status yet again, as i spent about $2000 after March 1 when i was kicked off the Elite Plus Mebership. I checked back on the rules and they say that it takes 15-20 days after meeting the requirement for the Mebership Status to update. A month later after I met the requirement, I am still not an Elite Member. And since the membership is only valid for a calendar year, it seems not fair to the loyal Best Buy customers that do not get the opportunity to reach that staus until toward the end of the year, as they would have to start over comes March 1 of the following year.


I would apreciate it if the system was updated so i can see and use my Elite Mebership for the remainder of the year and get back to backing my points. Having points disboursed every 2 weeks after a purchase is not ideal. 

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Re: How do I contact corporate for a complaint?

While Best Buy has a good program in place there is always room for improvement. If you have any ideas on how the program can better serve customers you can post your idea here

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Re: How do I contact corporate for a complaint?

Greetings, kcam, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


I've yet to reach the promise land known as Elite status, and while there's a very good chance I never will, the option to bank points rather than having certificates automatically issued does keep me hopeful. I was recently able to upgrade to the My Best Buy Visa card, so maybe I'll stand a better chance with purchases made outside of Best Buy.  If a member happens to not requalify for Elite or Elite Plus status during the calendar year (1/1 - 12/31), then their tier status will expire at the end of the following February, along with the option to bank points.


That means banked points would be converted into certificates down to the $5 level.  You can track your own spending throughout the year on with the included spending bar; however, we don't send a notification email to let a member know how close they are to requalifying, and we also don't send an email to notify a member when their tier status has expired.  It's almost expected that a member will actively login to their rewards account, and by doing so, they'll see their current tier status, spend total, and any certificates that might be active.


A certificate comprised of the points you're awarded will generally be valid for a period of 60 days, unless noted otherwise, so if a certificate was issued after your tier status expired, then it may have expired sometime back in May.  As hockeycanuckjc mentioned, you can feel free to post any ideas or suggestions you have for the rewards program to the IdeaX section of the forum.  I'd be happy to review your rewards account to ensure it is up-to-date.  Just send me a private message, by clicking on the blue button in my signature, with your name, phone number, and email address.


My Best Buy Program Terms

Expired My Best Buy™ Reward Certificates FAQ


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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