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Purchasing Apple MacBook M1 max 16” with bestbuy credit card

First I’d like to know if we still get points (certificates) for purchasing an Apple MacBook M1 max with or without a bestbuy citi credit card.

Do Purchases with or without bestbuy card still count towards elite plus status? Do purchases outside bestbuy still count towards the status/points(certificates)?

Also would like to know if bestbuy offers an option to split the total with two different payment method or using my bestbuy card with bestbuy gift cards, the only choice?

I’m also guessing there’s no education discount on the new M1 MacBook pros?

Last but not least, I’m wondering if these M1 pros would be available for purchase instore or pre order for store pick up eventually. Most if not all M1 max 16” 32gb are not available for pick up. Also sadly it doesn’t seem bestbuy offers a 64gb for purchase.

Sorry for all these random questions since it’s my first time trying to buy a MacBook from bestbuy especially since I want to reach elite plus status with less than 1,000 to spend remaining. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Purchasing Apple MacBook M1 max 16” with bestbuy credit card

I found some information on this:


  • My Best Buy Points on Eligible Purchases:

    *Apple and Beats products and Apple services are eligible to receive points under My Best Buy only when purchased on standard credit with the My Best Buy Credit Card. Otherwise My Best Buy members will not be eligible to receive points for purchase of Apple and Beats products and Apple services. My Best Buy members are eligible to receive member pricing for the purchase of certain Apple and Beats products and Apple services identified by Best Buy at Best Buy retail stores, on, and the Best Buy mobile app. Some limitations apply.

Also, there are discounts for educational students and this info is here:


Products offered with a discount vary from time to time. You do have to verify with your EDU email address to qualify from my understanding.


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