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Problems with Points

On May 9, May 15 and July 14 of this year I made purchases at best buy or on Instead of choosing points (6% for Elite Plus) I chose the 0% financing. Every month there was an issue with applying payments and payment allocation. My promotional balance was not declining even though I was paying over the statement balance (to pay new charges in full and start paying promotional balance down). Every month I had to spend 20+ minutes on the phone with Citibank to get the payments properly allocated. I was not going to do that for 10 more months. I paid the promotional balance in full (had to spend 20+ minutes getting that right). Since I did not receive the benefit of the flexible financing, I called the "dedicated" Elite Plus phone number. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. They transferred me to Citibank twice. Hung up on me once. I'm now considering cancelling my credit card and never shopping at best buy again. What is a real customer service phone number so that I can complain?
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Re: Problems with Points

Good morning Stocktonnj1 and welcome! 

Thank you for being a My Best Buy member, as well as a Best Buy Credit Card holder. This credit card can offer quite a few benefits, so it is discouraging to hear your experience has left you so frustrated. 


Contacting your credit card issuers to discuss allocation options is a great way to manage debts, but can be a time consuming process every month. With such busy lives, this isn't always a top priority every month.


It's great to hear you simply paid off your credit card well in advance of the promotional period end date to save yourself this time every month. With that said, when you pay off the balance would not have an impact on whether you could receive points or not. As you selected the promotional financing option at the time of purchase, we would be unable to provide you with points for these purchases under our My Best Buy Terms that advise you would receive one or the other. 


I understand you contacted our phone support though, and were less than satisfied with your experience. We should be aiming to provide stellar customer experiences in all facets, and I'm truly sorry if this wasn't the case. We greatly appreciate you reaching out to share your experience and feedback regarding your experience. If you should have any other questions, please let us know. 

Thank you, 

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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