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Pending points balance incorrect

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On 02/09/19, I made a significant purchase of appliances in the amount of $3,510.07. I was informed by the Best Buy employee assisting me that I could receive 10% back in rewards points if I opened a credit account and made the purchase the day I opened the account. 

I opened the credit account and purchased the appliances the same day. Guarded, I did use $710 worth of gift cards on this purchase, but that still left $2800.07 that I put onto the new credit card. As such, I should receive $280 worth of certificates, or 14,000 points. Currently, my account shows that I have 6,447 points pending for this transaction - 3,868 for the credit card account opening, and 2,579 for the base points. This doesn't make sense on a number of levels. 

Can someone please look into this for me? Thank you very much.

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Re: Pending points balance incorrect

Hi, Brian,


Thank you for taking the time to register for the forum and connect with us. Smiley Happy


My wife and I recently purchased a couple new appliances.  It is surprising how quiet a dishwasher can be.  Just wish I could have taken advantage of the 10% back offer again.  A larger purchase involving multiple appliances could no doubt result in a significant amount of points.  The appliances you purchased should qualify for 10% back in points if it was the first purchase made within 14 days of being approved for your new My Best Buy™ Visa card and you selected standard financing.


It can generally take up to 20 days for points from an eligible purchase to officially post to a member's rewards account.  Our hands are tied if points are still pending; however, I should be able to confirm whether or not you do qualify for a full 10% back.  I will first need to gather some additional information from you, so I will be sending you a private message shortly.  You can read a private message by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page.


10% Back in Points on your First Day of Purchases


Enjoy the new appliances!

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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