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I just pre ordered the NOTE20 ULTRA and the entire phone plan is in my father's name but I'm an authorized user and have more than 1 line on the account. The problem is they usually just shoot the rewards points to the account holders name and not the person that actually buys the phone. I have had this problem for years but alway get them to give me the points before actually buying. I even explained to the person before hand lol and after I was home seen on the recipe a completely different number and the phone aint listed in my app as a ordered product. I also had to make and appointment for the day it comes out cause they gonna be swamped and only a certain amount of people can go in the store so I'd like to get it fixed without going there again before the appointment. I actually had them close up all the account in my father's name before so they must have created a brand new one. A $1500 phone is a lot of points to loose and I have elite plus so thats even more points to loose and I need that to reach elite plus again so I'd like to know exactly what I can do other than going to the store again and canceling and re doing the pre order cause each store only gets so many and my luck it will be gone while I'm redoing it. Thanks in advance
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Welcome back to the forum, and thank you for reaching out regarding your Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra purchase! As an authorized user on your father's mobile account, purchasing a phone and having the purchase attached to your My Best Buy membership should be a simple process. I'm sorry to hear that your Note20 purchase may have been applied to the wrong membership, likely due to your father being the primary account holder on the mobile account. 


Typically, the only way to change the member ID on a purchase is to return and repurchase it, but I know that may not be the ideal solution. I would be delighted to see what other options may be available to rectify this situation. Please feel welcome to send a private message using the link in my signature below and share your name, phone number, email address, and the customer service PIN from the bottom of your receipt. 



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