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My Best Buy Rewards acct points & purchase amount incorrect

I was reviewing my account status and purchases and found a large discrepancy in $$ amount, which has led to incorrect rewards status and obviously the points earned.  I did contact the Elite 1-800 number on Tuesday 6/5 and spoke with Amy and have yet to recieve a response or resolution.  My account is showing as just becoming Elite this past week with a total spent for the year beginning 1/1/2018 as $1832.  I did a detailed review of each purchase month by month and have the following totals: 

Jan 2018 $1357.02 spent/$1357.02 total YTD

Feb 2018 $76.29 spent/$1433.31 total YTD

March 2018 $761.29 spent/$2195.20 total YTD

April 2018 $0 spent/$2195.20 total YTD

May 2018 $520.96 spent/$2716.16 total YTD

June 2018 $802.16 spent/$3518.32 total YTD


i fully understand that my purchases for June havent cleared yet, but according to my records I should have become an Elite member with my purchases on 3/18/18.  My account is showing that my account became Elite on 6/4/18????  Obviously, this has also caused my reward points to incorrectly be recorded on my rewards account for the past few months.  Even more dissappointing is the inability to find any way what so ever to contact Best Buy customer service via email etc.  Like I said, I have already called the Elite phone number which only led to a large increase in my frustration.

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Re: My Best Buy Rewards acct points & purchase amount incorrect

Hi jonjonau007,


Thank you for taking the time to register for the forum and connect with us!


First, are related to James Bond?!  The 007 in your username has me wondering.  Second, I can understand having questions about your My Best Buy™ account if you are spending money but your tier status has not been upgraded to Elite Plus.  I have been trying to reach Elite status for several years and always fall short.  This might be the year where I launch operation convince my fiancé to spend more money.  I just want to say I was Elite at least once.


As you are probably aware, a member would need to spend $3,500 on eligible purchases within a single calendar year to qualify for Elite Plus status.  It can generally take up to 20 days for an eligible purchase to reflect within a member's spending total.  That means any recent purchases you have made where points are still pending in your account are not likely reflected in your spend total yet.  Here is where I believe there might be a misunderstanding.  We do not include sales tax when determining if a member has reached a higher status.  It would appear in the totals you mentioned above that you are including sales tax.  Also, any portion of a purchase that is paid for with a gift card or reward certificate will be excluded.  A trade-in would also be excluded.


I went through your entire purchase history for the 2018 calendar year and am finding that what is currently displayed in your spending total to be correct.  It should jump up a fair amount within the next couple of weeks once those pending points officially post.  If you have any other questions about your account or if you feel that a purchase might be missing from the total, then feel free to send me a private message by clicking on the blue button in my signature and I will see what I can do.


I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day.

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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